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    Forgive me if this exists already, i havent seen it anyroad....

    and skipping all jokes about drummers not being able to read music let alone books, here is one and some books about drummers/drumming that i have enjoyed. Hopefully others can recommend some:

    Micky Hart (Grateful Dead): drumming on the edge of magic, semi-autobiographical and philosophical, quite a lot of fun...

    and then dancing hands

    has a few teach yourself books, esp on hand drums, the djembe book in particular comes with a good cd...and they have a book or two on using hand drum rhythms on the drumset, and body rhythm and what not...all good fun. their own music cds were quite good sort of folky pop, flower child stuff...

    any other recommendations?

    in particular, I have one book on the history and philosophy of taiko, but would love to find a how to manual....
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    not to mention keyboards, guitars, basses, and cats