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As if I needed my life to suck more.

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  • As if I needed my life to suck more.

    With all the crazy stuff going on in my family, the last thing I need is more problems.

    I went to the doctor's today. Turns out I have a rotator cuff injury in my left shoulder.

    Somebody shoot me!

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    Sorry to hear that, I hope it's not too serious to need a surgery. My father recently had this injury himself and had to rest his shoulder from doing any work, even office work. Good thing though is that he did daily exercises with his shoulder and all was healed within 3 months...

    Does it hurt ?


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      See a good doctor and you can recover from this. We'll be praying for a quick recovery.

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        Wow that is a tuff one Michael. Very slow healing surgery but at least you will be back to normal after the repair. I have tendonitis in my shoulder from years of weight lifting. I was actually hoping it was rotor cuff when I had my MRI. Rotor cuff tears can be fixed with a very low risk of follow-on problems.... tendonitis just sucks and there is not much that can be done. Whatever you do, dont screw around during the recovery. Put the sticks up for awhile and let yourself heal.

        Sorry you are having a bad run of it lately


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          Hello Mr R

          It is treatable ... take care of yourself and get well soon. I have probs a plenty and i just take one day at a time and keep motoring, i even see a spiritual healer, got all the angles covered. My interest in drums keeps me going, treatment, light exercise, diet ... you can do it Mike.


          i edited my answer, heads all over the place, was looking to find the right words from the heart.
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            Sorry to hear of your troubles. I hope everything gets resolved and you enjoy a full recovery. Thank God you live in America where we enjoy the best health care in the world. At least for now...


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              Originally posted by stickinthemud View Post

              Sorry to hear of your troubles. I hope everything gets resolved and you enjoy a full recovery. Thank God you live in America where we enjoy the best health care in the world. At least for now...
              Well...85% do Hope you are one of those Michael. Get weller sooner dude.
              chris :D


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                feel for you man. I broke my left ankle a week ago and it's put me out of drumming for the next month - got to keep foot elevated. Last time I checked Roland didn't make a rack mount for human legs.

                Wishing you a speedy recovery.




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                  Michael, A few years back I was in a bike accident and separated a shoulder. The physical therapy I did afterward helped my range of motion and I don't have any lasting pain. A good physical therapist can make a world of difference. I hope things smooth out for you.
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                    So Sorry

                    Really sorry to hear that. I injured my rotator cuff lifting years ago and it eventually turned into tendonitis in my shoulder. If you don't rehab it properly (like I wish I did) it can never truly heal.

                    My brother basically burned out his rotator cuff lifting and could not exist without ibuprofen.
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                      Damn dude, can't be impressed with that.. Try not to let it put you in a negative mind frame though man, you need to stay positive to increase your body's healing abilities. The human mind is a goal-setting goal-achieving machine!! If you refuse to accept anything less than total recovery, then that's what you'll get. Get straight into using a joint supplement. You can't go past glucosamine condroiton, it increases your body's ability to repair connective tissues. I've got trapeziometacarpal arthritis in my left wrist from a major car accident a while back and I've managed for years with heavy amounts of playing. You've just got to make sure you give it plenty of rest initially and in the long term you mustn't over use it. Physio-therapy is also a must dude, it'll hurt like hell while your doing it, but in the long term the benefits are immeasurable. Everything will be fine dude, trust me- keep that positive mindset as your mantra!! I'll be thinking of you man

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                        Not all rotator cuff injuries need surgery. I have had rotator cuff injuries on numerous occasions from pushing my body past its limits in strongwoman and powerlifting.
                        Each time, I was able to recover with some light rehab work on the weights.
                        It all depends what sort of rotator cuff injury you have. If it is a sprain or strain, you'll be fine with rehab. If it is a tear, you'll need to do more and if it is a complete tear (which is unlikely), you'll need surgery.

                        I am not a doctor but I am a qualified and experienced personal trainer and I have worked with many clients with various shoulder injuries. Nine times out of ten, rest and rehab is all that is necessary.


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                          That sucks dude. Hope you get better soon.
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                            Wow, thanks for all the support and good wishes. I am truly touched.

                            What I have is tendinopathy of the rotator cuff. If I understood what the doctor was saying, it was brought on by scar tissue and subsequent compensation. Whatever it is, it hurts like the ****ens.

                            I was given those giant rubber band things for therapy and a series of stretches and exercises to do. I need to push my range of motion just slightly into the painful zone until I recover more and more motion. Ouch.

                            Prognosis is good, just slow and painful. Ibuprofen is my friend. And so are all you fine folks here.


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                              Mike, sorry to hear about that. Take care of it, get well, and let's see if we can get you an NFL contract to go with that rotator cuff injury! The two just go together.
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