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Should Roland or Yamaha make kits for RockBand and/or Guitar Hero World Tour?

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  • Should Roland or Yamaha make kits for RockBand and/or Guitar Hero World Tour?

    I must admit that I was a long-lost drummer that returned to the sticks thanks to RockBand. The game sparked a flame that had long been extinguished within me. After a couple of weeks of playing the game, I bought a Roland set.

    With all the drumming interest that RockBand and the upcoming Guitar Hero World Tour has generated, I am puzzled why Roland or Yamaha haven't attempted to enter into this market. Sure, royalites would have to be paid; however, I think there is a large consumer base that could generate some serious revenue. Think about it... do a search on youtube and you will find a lot of people hacking systems on both sides of the fence. On one side of the fence, people are hacking the toy kits so they can be used as edrums on the computer via USB. On the other side of the fence, people are using control boards to convert the midi signals from real edrum kits to play on the game.

    Maybe I am wrong, but it would seem like a marketing gold mine to offer a lower end kit that can play as both a standalone edrum set and a wireless game controller. I honestly think consumers would pay to have a hybrid set of edrums. These hybrid owners would often get a case of G.A.S. and start upgrading components. I also bet that many current vdrum owners would buy a plug and play midi device that could control the game as a wireless controller if it were offered. I know I would because tearing up the game controller and soldering wires from a third party control board is just too much trouble. Even though I have a real set now, I still enjoy playing the game with family and friends.

    I feel that the more edrumers there are in the world ( regardless if they are game players or serious musicians) is better for all of us. More consumers equals more revenue, which equals more R&D, which equals additional or improved product offerings. I think it is a win-win. What say you on the matter? Dumb idea or are Roland and Yamaha missing a huge opportunity.


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    It would be good if you could plug your Vdrums straight into your Xbox, or whatever it is these games run on.


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      Originally posted by John.b View Post
      It would be good if you could plug your Vdrums straight into your Xbox, or whatever it is these games run on.
      Yes, I agree. That is what I was talking about with a add-on controller that would allow us to play the game directly without having to solder and hacking up the "toy" kit. I am sure Roland could sell a lot of those if they partnered with the game and system makers.


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        There exists such a controller

        You have probably been to the rockband forums site, but there is a fella over there that has created a stand alone controller for the ps3 version of the game. This controller is a go between the ekits brain via midi and the game system. no rinky dink drum pads to take apart and solder. From reading this forum, there is a controller chip problem with getting it to work with xbox-proprietary microsoft stuff.
        Anyway, if you have ps3 and want to hook in your midi drums, find the dude named Sethmeisterg.
        Here is the link. Look at the bottom of the page. To get the pictures you have to register. http://www.rockband.com/forums/showt...20420&page=114
        He'll charge you to make one, due to all thesoldering work. The reviews so far are pretty good. I am with you guys on the fact that companies are missing a big market in this. Too bad I don't have some start up cash. V


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          I agree that it seems like this could be a good market opportunity for Roland; and ultimately it could lead to improved edrums for all of us through an expanded consumer base. Hopefully Roland, or at least somebody, jumps on this (and thus forces Roland to follow).


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            They should just include an X-box or PS3 interface with that toy kit that Roland already makes..the HD1. (just teasin HD1 users...don't get mad at me!)

            Seriously though...the HD1 would be perfect for this type of use!!! Compact, inexpensive...

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              ... are we limiting this vision to strictly a game controller? I would have thought this type of stuff would be great to learn drumming and for reading music. Something like seeing the written music (drum or guitar) for one of your favorite hits pass across the screen like a karaoke machine or typing tutor. You set the tempo .. play along .. maybe have the option to have the program STOP if you hit a wrong pad ... continue only when you get it right.

              I don't know ... is something like that out there that I haven't seen yet??? I don't get out much ...
              Roland TD12KX V Drums


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                I really like the idea behind games like RockBand (and plan on getting the PS3 version) but always found the kits to be too...."toy like"...and lacking.

                Now I know it would be hard if they put a full sized kit with 4 drums, 3 cymbals, hat and kick into a game but I still think it would be better if they improved the layout of the current kits as well as improved the feel. Mesh heads are better than the plastic/rubber they use now and would cut down on noise.

                A kit that could be played both as a game controller and stand alone drum set would be outstanding at a low cost but as I said before, they would probably have to limit what pads could be used in the game.

                However I would be willing to try a game with a 3 toms, 1 snare, 3 cymbals, hat, and kick... 9 to 10 different triggers is a challenge but sounds like fun.
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                  I am thinking a kit like the TD3 would be a winner or something like the alesis pro. Then the user could upgrade pads.


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                    That would be cool, but I'm just waiting for this to be released...
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