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Holding Sticks & Fulcrum Point

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  • Holding Sticks & Fulcrum Point

    I'm a guitarist and just getting into the drums, so this may be a silly question. Is the thumb and index finger considered the correct fulcrum point for holding the stick or is it the thumb and middle finger? Seems like I've seen drummers use both methods, but curious which way is considered the proper way.

    Thanks! JD...

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    Its not really a matter of proper or not, both ways are certainly used, the thumb/index is the most common but Steve smith uses the middle finger and he plays pretty good ( understatement of the year ). If you really want to know more you should consider getting a DVD or two. If you don't want to take lessons from a reputable teacher that is. Some I recommend are.

    JoJo mayer, secret weapons for the modern drummer
    Dave weckl, back to basics ( highly recommended for beginners )
    Steve smith, drumset technique/history of the US beat

    There are more and everyone plays a little different...
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      I use a method that puts the thumb right between the index finger and the middle finger. You start by holding it between the thumb and index finger and then stretching your fingers out a bit. I learned this from Tom Konopka, a legendagry latin and jazz drummer in Ohio.

      But the standard method seems to be thumb and index finger. It doesn't really matter as long as you get decent bounce.


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        On my right hand, I use the index and thumb. But I find on my weak left hand, I often end up using the middle finger and thumb. I consider it to be a bad habit (I would like them to be matched) and I'm trying to break it.


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          Thanks everyone for the info.

          I ordered the JoJo Mayer DVD and will try to learn from that. It seems like that DVD is highly recommended and should be a good one to own.

          Thanks! JD...


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            Hey guys - how about some pics of your hands holding the sticks in the manner you describe?

            The way I was taught years ago was to balance the stick along your 4 fingertips with the thumb as a fulcrum but the thumb is in front of your fingers. I found it really difficult at first and dropped sticks a lot, but eventually it gives you great speed with minimal effort.


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              Good info

              Check out this guy and this vid about grip and bounce control, it's Metro Drums, he has lotsa fab free vids, such a great guy (turn up volume on this one) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FSiiyJnuRK4
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                one other thing you may want to try is practise with a set of JoJo Mayer's sticks; Vic Firth has a Signature set

                they're much shorter than anything i've ever used, but they DO help isolate the finer motor motions one uses when you try his techniques

                also, they balance very well, so stick creep virtually disappears

                best comparison i can think of is changing from an offset bass drum beater cam to a round one, or the effect similar to using a linear velocity curve verses a spline one in any TD-series trigger setup

                they don't feel like they can produce much volume; more of a "magic wand" than "hammer tool", so i don't know if i'll actually play with them yet on a regular drumset, but there is definitely a finesse vibe about them


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                  I honesty never thought about it too much. I just hold them. Now I have something else to worry about!
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