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What's your musical background?

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  • What's your musical background?

    Have you had any lessons to learn instruments, or do you just have natural talent?

    In gradeschool, I learned to play a Cornet (trumpet). My instructor couldn't understand how quickly I could play any scale or song that he showed me, even if it was the first time I'd ever heard the song.

    I used to know how to read music, but I've forgotten since I haven't done it for so long.
    I still don't know chord names or positions, but if I hear it, I can play it (self taught on electric guitar, keyboards, electric bass guitar).

    And now I've graduated to teaching myself these electronic drums, as soon as I get them assembled, and functional!

    With technical references, and guidance, and inspiration from people like JmanWord (Jerry) and SuperPuss (Titania), among SO MANY TALENTED OTHERS in this forum, I'm confident that I'll enjoy this newfound hobby, and hope to make longterm friendships, as we share the same interests!

    I'd like to hear your stories...

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    Started on trumpet in 3rd grade. Switched to baritone horn/euphonium (looks like a mini-tuba, in the same frequency range as trombone) in 8th grade. Started drum lessons at the end of 8th grade with a bagpipe band. Played brass instruments and percussion in high school, continued with the pipe band and of course played drums in various garage bands. Majored in music (primary instrument: baritone), graduated from SIU in '95. Continued to play in pipe bands well after college up until about 4 years ago. Have been playing e-drums (off & on) for about 6 or 7 years, just sold my a-kit this past Christmas. Just play for my own enjoyment.
    Stick twirling - because you obviously have mastered all other aspects of drumming already, right?


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      Started on guitar with lessons when I was about 7. Soon took an interest in drums after seeing someone tapping away on the pavement with a pair of sticks. Never had lessons and ended up teaching during my free time at school. I was the first person to do Higher Grade music on the drum kit in Scotland. Played in two concert bands whilst in high school one of which was the British champions 5 years in a row and 3rd in the world. Was also in other bands with friends and was gigging a lot back then. Worked with schools and drama groups as well.

      Was told to go to music college but I was not interested in that. Been playing and gigging constantly since I started. I feel wrong if Im not playing in something. Moved to Lanzarote 6 years ago where I played in bars and hotels for a living but I have just moved back to the UK and looking for something else.

      When I went to secondary school, they needed Cornet players and asked me if I would be interested in learning it, 'Hell no' I said, 'I want the drums'. So glad I stuck with that decission.

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        Mr Stix, Im very impressed.

        I was hitting buckets at 4 (so my mum tells me) but did'nt get a kit till I was 12.

        I gigged for 25 years and never had a lesson. I could read and write scat notation and this was the most I ever needed.

        I dont think there is anybody thats a natural on any instrument. Just that some have the ability and feel to progress quicker than others.

        I beleive the rythm is instinctive in all of us and reckon anyone can tap out some sort of tempo.

        My dad played piano and drums before he married my mum but I had no knowIedge of this till I was in my teens.
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          Musical background? I'm a drummer! haven't you heard the jokes? We just hang around with musicians.

          but seriously....banjo mandolin at 6, guitar at 11, drums at 20 (and I finally found my niche), xylophone at 25, piano at 49......what next?


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            Piano lessons from age 6 to 11, drum, drum kit and percussion lessons starting about age 10, on and off through about age 15. Drums in marching band and garage bands from age 13 through 18. Didn't play at all in college (photography major), played guitar, keyboard, and drums in a novelty band (Buck Naked and the Jaybirds) on and off from about age 23 through age 28. Sold my drums and just played guitar a bit until about age 45 when I started playing drums at my old church. Put together an e-kit and fell in love with drumming all over. I now have a TD20 and play with a very talented group of musicians in my new church's Praise and Worship group every Sunday and some special events. I also performed recently (yes, a singing part) in our church's musical. I still pick up a guitar from time to time.


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              Had about six weeks of guitar lessons back in grade school. Never touched the thing again. Then, discovered drums and started with the school band in sixth grade. Eventually became drum corps captain and president of the jazz band in high school while playing with country and rock bands on weekends.

              Stopped playing after college thanks to the career and apartment living. Sold off my a-kit. Didn't make it back until my wife talked me into buying a set of e-drums a little over two years ago.
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                i dont know if any of you older guys and gals remember these but when i was 3 1/2 i started out on a magnus organ played by ear. got a guitar for my seventh birthday and learned to play it mostly by ear with a little help from family teaching me a few cords. when i was 13 my buddy had a snare drum and i invited him over to jam. i ask if he could leave it over night. man i banged on that for a few hours and go hooked. got a paper route and stared at the sears catalog every night. 6 mo laiter i bought a pink sparkle pearl president kit for 200.00 i covered them with woodgrain contact vinal. self taught on the drums playing along with records.poor mom suffered greatly every day from headachs! played in many bands from covers to originals. sure im nearly 45 and not playing in bands anymore other than worship, but i am at my prime talent wise. i wish i knew back then in my 20's what i know now about drumming. just to prove to you older guys that we dont wash up just because were getting old. i have just as much passion and energy these days as i've always had.
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                  School band at 9 or 10 as a snare drummer and bass drummer. Stayed with school band all through school. Marching band (Oregon State Champs 1966 or 1967). I moved to Montana for the last 2 years of school and found my self with extra time because the Oregon schools were so much more advanced. My Senior year I taught 5th grade band during one of my study hall periods and was Band President (what ever that means). Giging on the drums for money at 11, playing bars at 13. Started on guitar at 13 and bass at 15. Picked up piano skills from my mother who played by ear. Opened my first music retail shop at 23, second shop a year later. Taught myself to teach music and carried 55 students a week for a couple of years. That is where I learned most of my guitar and bass skills. Got out of retail and took my first drum set lessons at age 26 from Jazz drummer Mel Brown who was with the Temptations for years. Mel was fantastic and screwed my head on right. I actually learned that I didn't know it all (although I still forget that lesson from time to time). Almost everything I ever learned was self taught, but I always wanted to know more.


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                    Like John B, I too was hitting buckets and tin lids to "Top of the Pops" at a very young age, but the first proper training came when I joined our local Parish Church choir when I was 8 and sang for 10 years as a treble and eventually bass - a huge range of music in churches and Cathedrals all over the UK. Studied the violin initially, then switched to piano and organ. Started playing orchestral percussion when I was 14 and kit drums a year later. I joined a military staff band at 18 playing percussion, and again got through tons of music of all styles from rock to orchestral and marching band all around Europe in all types of venue. Also studied part-time at the Guildhall School of Music in London. I've played in rock bands, covers bands, theatre bands, big bands, brass bands and orchestras, but kinda gave up kit work in the early nineties for the same reasons as many here, then discovered V's last year, and I'm back and LOVING it! I've also worked in the record business for nearly 20 years, so you can tell where my passions lie! Tastes go from Muse to Bach, with a particular soft spot for Pink Floyd and Vaughan Williams...


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                      Started drumming in high school where I took lessons from the music teacher and later from a friends dad who was a great drummer. Didn't do much and was never serious for many years but did learn to play a bit of guitar in that time. About 12 years ago I enrolled in a music course and studied music for 18 months gaining certification. I later got into live sound production and have done sound for some major Australian country acts, only one off situations at local venues. Started a small recording studio at my home producing a few albums for unknown artists. Now days I play for a local country band and study my drumming very passionately...
                      My Kit


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                        Cool thread JamSolo and thanks for the mention

                        Like you, I first started on trumpet in high school (I see a few brass players in this thread), which I picked up quite fast and had formal lessons in for three years. I played in the high school band and progressed to first trumpet. I also played with a couple of small jazz ensembles and the Geelong Concert Band which toured all over the country and won a couple of national competitions.
                        Playing trumpet has also lead to touring and playing internationally which was an awesome experience I look forward to again with SuperPuss.

                        While still in high school, the music department acquired a Roland Juno6 synthesizer which I fell in love with!! That started me on my journey playing keyboards and piano which is now my main instrument.
                        I now also play guitar and bass and 12 months ago this week, took up drums which I am REALLY loving.

                        I am self taught on keyboards, piano, guitar, bass and drums with trumpet being the only instrument I had formal lessons with. I have studied and become qualified in music theory (6th grade AMEB) and have also studied jazz.

                        I have a particular fondness for the combination of electronics and technology with acoustic instruments and LOVE vintage analog synth gear...... I dearly want a grand piano for my studio too and may be purchasing a new Yamaha one soon


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                          I found myself always tapping on things in school and so my parents decided to get me a tiny 4 plastic pad drum set with plastic sticks which lasted a few days...yea that was fun.

                          after a while I began getting into piano and so I got a PSR-340 Yamaha keyboard for Christmas, which I still use today and really enjoy the sound it has to offer. The MIDI is a great bonus as I use that in the studio all the time.

                          After a few years I got a Yamaha DD55 e-drum set for my b-day and loved it...that got used for a good amount of years until I decided to up the size and build my custom e-drum set which sits in my studio today.

                          Two years ago I decided to get an electric guitar and have been learning that.

                          All the instruments I learn myself, Ive only had a few classes in college for piano but never could stay interested in them...although I easily passed them.

                          Today I play all the instruments I own, mostly guitar and drums. I run Sonic Orb Studios at the house and mostly create original songs but there will be times when I do cover songs or have friends over to get a CD out.
                          Sonic Orb Studios
                          My Youtube

                          My kit is custom running 10, 12, 14" toms, a 12" snare, 2 crash, 1 ride, 1 splash, and dual kick drum all plugged into a
                          Roland TD-6V module which runs MIDI to Superior Drummer 2


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                            Piano lessons from 7 to 10. Guitar lessons 10-13. Self-taught bass guitar from 13 until today (45). After I got hurt my Junior year playing football (LCL injury) and my football days ended, I joined Concert band playing percussion (junior and senior year)...anything that required the ability to read real music...tympani, bells, marimba, etc....refused to march. I got away with that because I was the only guy in the percussion section who could read actual music so I had the band director by the cajones. He didn't want to let me be in concert band my senior year because I refused to march, but he had no choice. All self-taught and took to it easily. Played bass in several bands (hard rock, blues, metal, and yes, even played rhythm guitar in a country band for a short period) over the years. Finally retired from the band thing in 2002. Took up the drums three years ago for my own pleasure.
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                              Organ lessons for nine years (Grades 1-9). Cello lessons for two years (Grade 5-6). I was getting quite good on the cello when we moved (again) and that stopped any momentum I had with that instrument.

                              Then, nothing for 30 years. In late Dec 2003 (probably NYE or the day before), I was plopped in front of a TD-7 kit setup for right handers and shown how to lay down a basic 4/4 beat.

                              Picked up the bass guitar and started teaching myself about a year ago. I'm still very much the dilletante on the bass.

                              For studio work, have relearned much of the organ lessons from my dissolute youth. I can play the keys in public but need a lot of prep/practice time to do so.

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