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TD6 Songs List/Music Notes

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  • TD6 Songs List/Music Notes

    Hi there.

    I've recently bought a Roland TD6 which im quite impressed with.

    As some may know, theres songs on there you can play to. I know you can improvise and do what you want for the songs, but does anyone know where I can get the proper songs and notes list for each of the songs?

    Cant find them anywhere


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    Hello and welcome to the forum. I'm not exactly sure what you are asking. As far as the song list goes, they can be found in the TD-6V manual in that appendices on page 128. As far as editing the preset songs, you can make temporary changes to their settings, but they revert to the settings already selected for that preset song when another song is selected. Preset songs cannot be edited or recorded. If you want to change, edit, or record any preset song settings, you have copy them to a user song. When user song settings are altered, the changes are saved automatically. All this info is in chapter 5 (p.81) of the TD-6V manual.

    As far as a "notes list", are you talking about some sort of tab for them? If so, there isn't any as far as I know of. I hope I helped a little, but I'm not sure I'm answering the question you asked.
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      Hey mate, cheers for the welcome and reply!

      You answered the question perfectly really, apologies for the briefness, I was in a rush when I typed the question lol.

      Basically I did want the drum tabs if possible but as you say, dont think theres any out there.

      Just seem to be hitting a brick wall at the moment, my lessons seem to go good, but on my own kit I cant seem to get to the same level..