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Your drum solo,structured/whatever

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  • Your drum solo,structured/whatever

    Hi all,now that ive been playing 25 years i remember worknig on my first drum solo.It was structured in parts then i joined each part as i nailed it,I dont(cant) read music and never had a lesson.But the better i got the more natural and better the solo's got letting it flow,or to put it a better way whatever i choose to do there and then.I know solo's may not be done every gig,but when you can it is great.So just wondering what you guys/girls do as i have had the last 11 years off and on out of that 25.Getting a new kit(td3) around xmas time and have a huge family reunion in july 09.I want to blow them away(very musical mob),but i may have to go back to a structured solo.Will take me ages just to get double kick going like i used to.So would love some tips from some pro's on here.Practice will be no probs,24/7 but i will need food/beer/sleep.Ok ive ranted enough,thanks all.
    p.slease comment on your solo's,love to hear them.
    TD3 + SPD-6 and love it