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Budy Rich's One Handed Roll

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  • Budy Rich's One Handed Roll

    In a local music store there's a handwritten advertisment by an 81yr old guy who's saying that he can teach "easily" the one handed roll.

    Can any of you guys explain this technique?

    ... or should I give this pensioner a few quid for his time? (and hope that he hasn't just got a bad case of the shakes!!!)

    I think this topic has been covereed before, but I haven't found it using the search.

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    i don't know if this is the same technique used by buddy rich but i was taught how to do a pretty decent one-handed roll. the trick, in my case, is to use the rim as a second fulcrum.

    here's how you do it:
    1. play a note with your leading hand and let you wrist drop below the rim, thereby letting your stick hit the rim and bringing the stick tip upwards.
    2. now raise your wrist straight up, using the rim as a lever to play a second note.
    3. repeat.

    so the idea here is that when the wrist moves down, that's one stroke, and up again is the second stroke. keeping your downstroke at a steep angle helps you to avoid "missed hits."

    apply a little more pressure in your grip then you might ordinarily so that you don't get a sloppy buzz. try to make those two strokes sound nice and clean.

    one you get single strokes down nice and cleanly, start practicing doubles and triples.

    i'll try to see if i can record an audio file of this as an example at my studio today.

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      Some old guy named Jim Chapin demonstrated his version of the "one-handed roll" to me & some others at a clinic once. Jim's techinque involved using the left hand in traditional grip, and actually fanning the stick from side to side. Ol' Jim is a character, but he knows more about drumming than I'll know in 4 or 5 lifetimes.

      Your old timer is probably about the same age as Jim, so there's no telling...


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        Joe Stronsick (the Ballistic Bass Drums guy) sells a video of the "fanning" technique. The guy in the tape was also supposedly taught it by Chapin. It's interesting, but kind of silly - I can't imagine anyone actually using it unless you were just trying to impress other drummers.

        If anyone is interested in the video, I was going to toss it, so I'll send it to you for the price of shipping.

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          Originally posted by digitsone:
          i don't know if this is the same technique used by buddy rich but i was taught how to do a pretty decent one-handed roll. the trick, in my case, is to use the rim as a second fulcrum.
          I can play the rim-roll as described by digitsone. You can hear what it sounds like at my Web site: http://navinthejerk0.tripod.com/navinshideaway/
          Click on the link entitled Navin at Guitar Center. In the middle of the solo I play the rim-roll. I play the roll with my right hand and use the left hand to muffle the SD for effect (and to make it obvious that I was playing the roll with one hand).

          This technique is more gimmick than skill. I always believed that anyone could learn to do it--even people who can't play drums. After reading these posts over the weekend I decided to try to prove this. Sunday afternoon I was, in fact, able to teach my wife (who can't play drums at all) how to do the one handed rim-roll in about 5 minutes' time.

          I have seen Dennis Chambers use this trick in a clinic. He said that he learned it from watching Buddy Rich but I have never seen Buddy Rich do it. Clayton Cameron also does it in one of his solos on "The Living Art of Brushes" video. I learned it ~15 years ago from a drummer in Tucson who claimed that Billy Cobham showed him how to do it but I have never seen Cobham do it.

          There are other one handed roll techniques and some of them require real skill. I have seen some drummers alternate the first and second fingers on the left hand (traditional grip) to get a one-handed roll. I have also seen Rob Carson use a technique that alternates between wrist and finger strokes. That stuff takes practice... The rim roll? It's easy!

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            you reminded me that i never recorded an audio example. thanks for putting your up! it's definitely a gimmick - but hey - the audience at your GC drum-off applauded the loudest at that moment!


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              i forgot to post this earlier but i actually saw the one-handed roll in performance just last night! i went to check out wayne shorter quartet here in boston at berklee performance center. for you jazz fans, he had an unbelieveable band consisting of danilo perez on piano, john pattitucci (who gets better every time i see him) on bass and brian blade on drums.

              anyway, for their encore they did a beautiful redux of orbits which started out with brian blade playing a long west-african-influenced intro on djembe and floor tom. at one point he did an extended one-handed roll on the floor tom with a mallet. he actually seemed to be going for more of a rim-clicky sound (which most try to minimize when using this technique) but it worked and even my GF (also not a drummer) recognized the application.

              so there you go - the one handed roll, used even with the great legends of jazz.


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                Originally posted by digitsone:
                - the audience at your GC drum-off applauded the loudest at that moment!
                I guess you can fool all of the people some of the time...

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                  How is the "fanning" technique done? Molson mentioned it earlier but how do you do it? i've been trying to learn a one handed roll for the longest time and i think the fanning technique might work for me. could anyone please give an example or a method of doing this?


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                    The four versions I have seen are

                    1 - The Johnny Rabb Freehand technique (using the rim as the fulcrum as stated above) to get the extra stroke '"for free"

                    2 - Playing a double stroke roll with one hand shown to be by Marching drum teacher Matt Savage.

                    Using trad left hand grip ,you play the 1st double with you wrist rotating and you generate the 2nd double with your index finger pulling the stick down. To get the constant roll,you alternate between the two.

                    3 - Off the new Dave Weckl video - trad grip with left hand then rotate wrist so palm is facing down and stick is pointing away from you. Alternate strokes now generated by your middle and ring finger trying to bounce the stick. Useful for brush playing

                    4 - Lastly a way of using finger control with matched grip from Steve White.

                    Strokes generated by middle/ring/little finger alternately rather than the wrist,so in groups of six it would be on alternating hands


                    Worth trying these as exercises,you don't necessarily need them for your next gig but fun noodling...

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                      Thanks M8 I'll Try em out. But I was wondering, do you have any links to videos on the "Matt Savage" Technique? Thanks



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                        This solo was played by a guy I know and he told me that he does his one hand roll (triple) like this. He uses the matched grip. (oh btw, no double pedal used in this one.)

                        First, two strokes, first one with the wrist and the second stroke is a bounce. The third hit is a snap that bounces the stick back so you can do the whole thing all over again. I believe it's called the Moeller technique? It's pretty damn hard but fast if you practise it.


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                          When I saw Art in the summer he told me that I should put up some ONE HAND practice warmup exercises and so I finally have !

                          Here they are.


                          In case you are wondering WHY the new approach to warming up..........

                          At 170 BPM I would be able to hit 1020 with both hands if I could play the TRIPLET exercise continually without a break. I'm working on TWO THINGS with this practice exercise.

                          1) I will continue to speed up the metronome to play those runs faster.

                          2) I will try to play those runs longer and longer without a break.

                          When EACH hand ALONE can play triplets without stopping for 1 minute at 200 BPM, I will be up to 1200 for competition. Each hand will play 600 per minute.

                          We wrote for DCTALK.


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                            Dude! I'm gonna have to take a good look at these. Thanks!
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                              You're a better man than me. I'd just speed up the video to play faster
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