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Prominent band with Vdrums!

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  • Prominent band with Vdrums!

    Hey All, I was cruising through Youtube when I came across these magnificent sounding videos of a pretty big and majorly talented 80's band reunited and with the drummer using a TD20 kit!!!
    Tears for Fears - "Shout".Night of the Proms (Rotterdam, Netherlands, 2006).( There is a higher quality version here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d6tiXnI6...

    Tears for Fears - "Everybody Wants to Rule the World".(Night of the Proms - Antwerp, Belgium 2006)
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    They're far from the only ones using e-drums, the most famous right now IMO is (+44), but its not surprising that more are using them. I doubt that the majority of bands will use e-drums all the time for a while, but you can see that more small bands are going that way.


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      That's way cool, Laystay.
      I loved Tears for Fears in the 80's and it is great to see them back together again and playing big live shows


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        We saw the Everyday Prophets ( reggae band from Protland, Oregon)last year at an outdoor concert at lake CoeurD'Alene. Their drummer had e-drums.....He did a great job and the drums sounded very good. I couldn't quite see to tell what he had for his kit.


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          Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.

          Jordan Rudess & Rod Morgenstein live on stage at SOUND CONTROL, using Roland's revolutionary new V-Synth GT and the latest in V-Drum technology.

          Rod Morgenstein uses them.
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            Wang Chung (Daza) uses custom kits I created. He's a member here too.
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              Lets all not forget the back half of Neil Peart's kit.
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                The links in the beginning are from The Night of the Proms. It's a Belgian show in which classical music and instruments are mixed with modern music. The drummer you see is a member of "The Electric Band" that plays in the show. One pretty much every year returning artist is John Miles. His "Music" became a classic on the show.

                The show actually consists of The Electric Band (above mentionned) and Il Novecento (symphonic orchestra + choir), conducted by Robert Groslot.

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