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V-Drum Hi-Hat question

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  • V-Drum Hi-Hat question

    OK .. nubee question. I see the V-Pro and the V-Stage kits have an electronic hi-hat cymbal mounted on a regular hi hat stand. How does that work? Is the cymbal two pieces? Does the cymbal move? How does it feel? Can you get all the action of an acoustic hi hat? Open/Closed/Splash.
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    Yes, the HH cymbal works and feels just like thier accoustic counterpart. They have a botom and a top plate that act the same as the accoustic. you have control over open, close, splash, and everything in between full open and close. In fact, the harder you step on the pedal, the more you choke the sound.


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      The work great - but only with the TD-12 and TD-20. To me, they are the closest thing to real hi-hats on an eKit.


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        Originally posted by Michael Render View Post
        The work great - but only with the TD-12 and TD-20. To me, they are the closest thing to real hi-hats on an eKit.
        Agreed! However, I use Todd Field's cymbals (2-piece, similar to a VH-12) which are constructed using real hi hat cymbals. (LOVE-EM!) I have them running through a TD-12 module.


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          Hart also has a moveable hi-hat; however, it is mounted on a Hart proprietary hi-hat stand called the EPedal II. It also differs in that it uses a single hat. Smartrigger 2-piece hats can be mounted on regular hi-hat stands, but you have to do some mods to the stand to get it to work. Whatever hat you get, the key is not so much the hat itself, but the module. On the TD-12, my Hart ECII hat is doing things that were never possible with my TD-6V.
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