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proper Vdrums cymbal pads

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  • proper Vdrums cymbal pads

    Using a TD8 I'm wondering what cymbal pads you guys use.

    On the Crash, I myself need choking possibility
    On the Ride, I need 'bell' positioning.

    And when building a Shack Adapter, are there any restrictions in choice of these pads?



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    I too have the TD-8 and I have four CY-6 cymbals I use for crash 1, 2 and ride. I reverse the standard Roland setting for the ride to put the bell sound in the center and the edge sound back on the edge.

    I use the fourth CY-6 as a hi-hat by using a large, thick fender washer (small hole, large diameter) underneath the CY-6 and one of those large curved washers that goes underneath an acoustic hi-hat felt on top of the CY-6. I don't use any felt, just the washers on a standard cymbal mount. Tighten the wing nut down just enough to hold it firmly (no "swing") but not to damage the rubber. Works great (and cheaper than the CY-12H!!!
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