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Just got my SPD-20.. and I love it. :)

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  • Just got my SPD-20.. and I love it. :)

    I just got an SPD-20 from a local music store (it was on clearance for US$550), and I'd have to say that it is so much fun to play on and with compared to just banging on pads with my fingers on the MV-8000!

    (After setting the note numbers correctly, old kits from the MV take on a new dimension when played with sticks.)

    Can an SPD-20 be a viable tool to learn drumming skills, even if it's not the same 'form factor' as a real kit? (Especially with a kick trigger and a HH trigger.)
    What stands would work best for elevating the SPD20 to a comfortable playing position?

    What stick size are you using on the SPD20? I've noticed that lighter sticks (like Vic Firth AJ4s) feel a bit better on rubber pads because of the easier rebound than "heavier" sticks like 8Ds.
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    Hi Doug,

    I find the SPD-20 is a great device - used as stand alone or to enhance a kit. You got a pretty good price for that too.

    I have a KD-7 and FD-8 on the SPD-20 to provide a full kit that's very portable. You can also use the FD-8 for pitch bend - see the manual for the various settings.

    One of the best features is the dual layer for each pad that can be set to different trigger curves for each layer - e.g. set layer A as ride cymbal with linear curve and layer B as ride bell with HD1 curve and you can bring in the bell as you strike harder. Spread this across the padset with slightly decreased bell and lower pitch to each adjacent pad and you can create something that sounds like an a-cymbal as you play across the padset.

    You can also set up pitched percussion sets in whatever key you want.

    I use Vic Firth Dave Waekl signature sticks on both and they are fine (in fact the best balanced sticks I've ever used). The wooden tips do leave a few marks but they wipe off ok.

    The genuine Roland stand is good but any double braced stand is also ok - the SPD-20 tends to shake the stand around a bit because of the wide playing surface.

    Here's a blurry pic of my setup with central SPD-20 if you're interested.Front.jpg