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Drumless Tracks - MT9

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  • Drumless Tracks - MT9

    New format in the works, accepted as a candidate for adoption by MPEG forum.

    "MT9 has separate controls for each musical instrument. Listeners can tweak the volume for each channel - such as guitar, drums, bass and vocals - muting or amplifying their favourite parts".

    I wonder how much will get transposed to this format, and what the music industry will do?.

    Imagine playing along to your fav music, recording your own drum track, and playing to your mates etc - ultimate hedonism

    Korean computer engineers are introducing a new digital music format that has a six-channel audio equalizer and separate controls on the sound volume for each musical instrument, such as guitar, dr…

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    Hmmm.... interesting.
    I am interested in finding out more about its capabilities for sounds quality vs file size but, to be honest, I would not be too keen on releasing one of my albums in a format where consumers could mess up my fine tuned studio mix. I spend a lot of time getting that right and, to me, it is an integral part of the creative process.
    If this new format supports discreet surround, I would be particularly interested in it. I am currently investigating www.mp3surround.com as an easy to use, backwards compatible surround format for electronic release of my album previews.