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  • Trigger Sensitivity

    Hello all,

    I've recently purchased a v-pro. I'm getting a very good idea of the limitations the v-kit has. However, I'm playin in a live cover situation and the control is great. Can anyone tell me if there is a way to get better sensitivity. I've been working at this for days and just can't seem to get a good mix for mellower, softer dynamics. Also,
    how big of a part does head tension have to do with triggering. I've tried adjusting head with tunning function but I just can't seem to get within those arrows. Please Help

    NEW USER-Thanks all!

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    It took me about two years to get the knack of tuning to the arrows. The best I can recommend is to put small dots by the lugs exactly 1" from the rim. Loosen all the lugs and retighten as you would a regular head, i.e., finger tight to start, equal tension all around, torque a little at a time, alternate from side to side, apply equal turns to each lug, etc. Then tap exactly on target(you need to be precise).

    Once you get close to the mark, if you tap to one side of the dot and then the other you can watch the arrows change position from right to left of center.

    I think the key is that you start out from scratch and torque as even as possible as you go. I also think the degree of calibration for this is overkill.

    My guess is you will find Roland's version of tight and most drummers idea of it are quite different. Their tight is closer to normal for me.
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