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Alternatives to HD-1??

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  • Alternatives to HD-1??

    Hi again crew, hope this evening finds you drumming well!! Just wanted to run something by the collective V-consciousness.. I'm thinking of getting an HD-1 for students to practice on, but I went and had a look about a week ago and wasn't blown away. So anyway, do you guys think I should fork out for the HD-1, or is there a better alternative? I appreciate the wisdom, thanks again guys

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    Definitely a matter of choice. I am not a big fan of the HD-1....kinda hate the pedal arrangement (especially the bass drum) and am not sure how well that would translate to the feel of drumming...ya know what I mean?

    I know they are relatively not that expensive, but personally, if I was in the same situation and trying to keep the cost down, I would look in the direction of a Hart Prodigy with a DM5 or a Yamaha DTXplorer. They around the same price range and will use a standard bass pedal. I started out with the Prodigy and was satisfied with it...for a while. I'm not sure if the standard vendors are still selling them, but you can usually find them for sale new on Ebay stores for about $500 USD without module. The Prodigy uses mesh pads. The Yamaha, which goes for about $700 USD, might be able to withstand the beating a student might give it better than the Hart as the Yammy uses rubber pads. As I think it over more, I would probably go with the Yamaha. I mean you don't want to go around replacing Magnum heads a $28 a pop because some ham-fisted monkey has shoved yet another drumstick through the mesh.

    If you want to really go less expensive, you can also look at the Alesis DM5 sets. I think they are running about $450 - $500 with module new, although I don't know how good they are. I guess for the price, they are what they are.
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