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Help please [TD-10 kit/tom sound used in Demo song]

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  • Help please [TD-10 kit/tom sound used in Demo song]

    I don't know should I post this here, but I didn't find more suitable place.
    I just bought TD10E and I was listening and playing demo kit 3 FUSION.
    I was wondering which sound was used on toms, 'cause I can't find it.
    I know that you guys have more experience, because I just started to play electronic drums and I didn't adjust my ears for those electronic sounds.

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    Page 28 of the TD-10 manual says, "Drum kit 39–42 are used in the Demo Song." So the Fusion part of the song would be using Kit 41 "Fusion" of the original TD-10 kits. You could copy this kit back to a user slot with TOOLS, COPY, DRUM KIT if you scroll back past the TDW-1 preset kits to the original TD-10 kits for the source. Then you could take a look at the tom instrument settings with INST; but my guess would be 252 FusionT1 - 255 FusionT4.

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      thanks I will try