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Ipod Mount

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  • Ipod Mount

    Has anyone come up with a good way to mount an ipod to the MDS-20 rack?
    I hear "danger music" every time I reach over and hoist mine up by the patch cord like a bucket from a well!

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    Remember, the search function is your friend!

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      I just have a small cart next to my rack which I can put my ipod or laptop on. Works great.
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        I use a standard music sheet stand besides my kit and I'm able to put my music sheets/books and rest my ipod along the edge of the stand.

        Also works great.


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          This is the coolest one I've seen, but it might be hard to find.


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            I'm old, fat and lazy! I put a strip of velcro on the back of my mp3 player and have corresponding strip on my drum rack. Even on the curved surface of the rack it stays put just fine. Works for me.

            I also have strips on my bed head board so I can listen to Evening Adagios when my insomnia kicks in, one in the car so I can pipe it through the stereo system, another on my computer station so it doesn't get knocked on the floor as I listen while working (I'm using it now )... A roll of that stuff goes a long way. It's barely noticeable and extremely convenient
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              Originally posted by ft353 View Post
              I hear "danger music" every time I reach over and hoist mine up by the patch cord like a bucket from a well!
              Gee! That's exactly what I do with my Sansa.


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                Velcro is the way to go


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                  Thanks for all the replies. It does sound like velcro is the way to go. That i-snake looks way cool, but $50.00?


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                    Originally posted by ft353 View Post
                    That i-snake looks way cool, but $50.00?
                    Yeah, at that price, you'd think it was made by Roland


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                      I have a great iPod mount - try something like this if you want a bit of "hardware"....

                      Stu's iPod Holder is HERE!!