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Drum Solos Songs

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  • Drum Solos Songs

    I was putting together an Ipod playlist of songs with extended drum solos. I find two types, those songs with solos as a part the song.
    ie: Montain jam, Ina-Gada-Da-Vida, Karn Evil 9.

    And those that are drum solos with music at the begining and end.

    Do What You Like Ginger Baker Blind Faith
    Toad Ginger Baker Cream
    The Mule Ian Paice Deep Purple
    T.N.U.C. Don Brewer Grand Funk Railroad
    Moby **** John Bonham Led Zeppelin
    Der Trommier Neil Peart Rush
    Baterista Neil Peart Rush
    The rhythm method Neil Peart Rush
    Malignant Narcissism Neil Peart Rush
    Soul Sacrifice Santana
    The Hobbit Ric Lee Ten Years After
    The Ox Keith Moon The Who

    The first type could stand on their own without the extended solos, though they wouldn't be as good. The second would be nothing with out the drum solo.

    These are the one I have, I'm sure there's alot more out there.
    TD-11, TD-3, PDX-8 (4X), PD-8 (2X), KD-7, CY-5, CY-8 (3X), Simmons DA2005, Zildjian Dip 7A.

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    Dave weckl- Master Plan


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      Other solos within songs:

      "YYZ" - Rush (from Exit Stage Left)
      "The End" - The Beatles
      "Frankenstein" - Edgar Winter
      "100,000 Years" - Kiss (from Kiss Alive)
      "Funk #49" - James Gang
      "Hocus Pocus" - Focus (not solos but extended fills)
      "Cruise Control" - Dixie Dregs (from Bring 'Em Back Alive)
      "The La La Song" - Zebra (from Zebra Live)
      "Light Up the Sky" - Van Halen
      JB in NJ

      "Ding" - Neil Peart, Cygnus X-1 Book II: Hemispheres I. Prelude


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        And one more:

        Percolations Parts 1 and 2 by GONG, from the album Gazeuse (or Expresso if you're in the U.S.A.)

        It's in 7/8 guys - this is a fantastic solo !

        Drums/mallets for Part 1 and drum solo for part 2