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W00T - Got a Great Deal **I Think**

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  • W00T - Got a Great Deal **I Think**

    Well I have not owned a drum set since I sold my 11 piece Pearl set back in 1985 to help purchase my first car. I made the mistake of buying the video game Rock Band for my teenagers. As a result, I got bit really hard by the drum-fever bug. I went and demoed several kits at Guitar Center and came really close to buying a TD12 kit. However, I decided to wait and keep checking the local classifieds. I am glad I did because I scored my new set tonight

    It is the older V10 series but at least it has the expansion card in it. The set is mint, and I mean mint. There is not a single scratch anywhere on it and the heads look brand new. I bought it off a guy that has a little studio set up in his townhouse where he recorded and mixed his own music. It still has all the manuals, boxes, and original 6k receipt from Sweetwater. I got it for $1800 and it included the throne and an iron cobra pedal. I think I got a very good deal, what do you guys/gals think.

    I am glad to be back in the saddle again. I will be setting it up tomorrow. I cant wait to start practicing again

    Oh yeah, I forgot... Hi - My name is Chris. I look forward to making some new friends on here.

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    Yes that is about the best you could have hoped for in price. If that kit auctioned on eBay it would have fetched $2200 to $2500 from a decent seller.


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      A good deal, indeed. And RED, too!

      Congrats on your purchase, and welcome to our little club.
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        Very nice looking set I paid close to a grand more putting together my fully expanded TD-9 of course that's new...
        Nothing retired.


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          WOOT indeed. Good deal. Now we need more pictures, videos, etc.


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            Thanks guys....

            I just picked the set up this morning in the ole minivan **cough** I mean 2008 Escalade **cough**. I will get it set up tonight after work and post some pics.


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              You got the Caddy inside the car...whichever vehicle it is you're using to pick it.

              Nice deal!

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                Hey Chris,

                Welcome to the forum from the other side of the world. You got a great buy there.

                It's nice to see another returnee to the drum world - I gave it away in 1986 and have recently returned to the throne so I look forward to hearing how you're progressing. And yes, more pics please.


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                  Great deal, Chris; rock on!