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New techniques available with V-Drums . . .

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  • New techniques available with V-Drums . . .

    There's been much talk about traditional or acoustic techniques that cannot be performed on V-drums: I just wondered what techniques you guys have developed with the V-drums, that perhaps can't be taken back to the Acoustics?

    I've found for example it's possible with the new CY-6 to choke either the pad or rim sound using the stick alone . . . no need to grab!

    It's easy - and 100% reliable. Just strike the CY-6 (rim or pad), and on the follow through, just hold the stick against the pad for a fraction of a second . . . (so you're pressing against the rim trigger).

    With a little practice (4 or 5 goes) - this can be done in a single fluid movement, and you can very effectively choke either of the sounds (rim or pad) with the stick on the same stroke as the hit. I like these CY-6's

    When I stumbled accross this last night it made me wonder whether any of you guys had little techniques that you'd developed with the V's?
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    Oz, I have also found you can do this with the PD-9's (probably PD-7's as well though I haven't tried it yet). It takes a little more practice and the stick must be pressed into the rim for long enough not to trigger the rim sound. All good fun. Great topic!

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      when talking about new techniques, you should definitely consider the technique pioneered by feefer called shack adapting. it only costs $1.99 and allows you to have velocity switching on a single pad. Check it out.

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