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A lucky find.....and a quick question....

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  • A lucky find.....and a quick question....

    With the news that my TD20 module is finally in the country and on it's way from Roland Australia to me, I figured I better do some searching for a Compact Flash card for it.
    Well, many phone calls later and a few visits to some of my local shops and 'no can do'. Then I got to thinking whether there is anything I can do with a CF card that I can't do with vDrumLib and I still don't know the answer so I decided to forget about CF and just wait and see.....

    So I moved on to another great passion of mine, photography, and remembered I still had a pile of photo's from a recent shoot that I had to dump to my PC.......and then it hit me.....
    My Nikon D200 came with a 256MB Sandisk CF card which I had used once. I immediately bought a 2GB card for it because 256MB is useless for even a moderate photo shoot but it will be perfect for my TD20!!!

    .....Anyway, my question is, is there anything I can do with a CF card for that I can't do with midi and vDrumLib?
    Regardless, it will still be convenient to not have to have the PC running to do backups.

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    Probably not, except for the convenience of having the kits available fairly instantaneously. And VDrumLib does not allow you to edit everything - like effects settings, etc, You will still need to tweak those things at the kit.


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      Thanks Michael
      That's pretty much what I was thinking might be the case. What I'll most likely do will be to use vDrumLib to make 8 sets of 50 kits from my VEX packs (I'm getting Drummers Dream) and my custom kits and then save them onto the CF card. That way, I can fairly easily and quickly have access to 400(!!!!) of my favourite kits.


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        A CF card also allows you to copy a single kit from a backup, whereas a VDrumLib MIDI transfer is always a complete library file of kits.



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          Here's my Vex Kit advice. When you get your kit, make any tweaks to triggering, etc using the factory kits. Then save that to the CF card or via VDrumLib. Now you have a backup of your trigger settings. You can then just bring up the Vex Kits, copy over the kits, then copy your setup info from your backup. Now save with the VexName and you have all the vex kits with your trigger settings.


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            SP, you'll want a CF card at some point. They are lightning fast compared to midi.

            That's all I got...
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              Thanks heaps guys and thanks for the triggering tips Michael.
              Alan, I have my 256MB card set aside specifically for Drummers Dream


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                My church has a TD20s, as do I. I use my CF card to move kits between the two.


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                  Originally posted by BarT View Post
                  A CF card also allows you to copy a single kit from a backup, whereas a VDrumLib MIDI transfer is always a complete library file of kits.

                  I can copy an individual kit into a spare slot on my TD12 using vDrumLib without touching the other kits. I would guess the TD20 would be the same.
                  I didn't realise I could copy a single kit with a CF card though so that is a bonus.


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                    You can partition CF cards, it seems:

                    So you could buy a massive drive, create a 512mb partition for kits and have the rest for anything.

                    I'm just going to take the 64mb out of my camera and buy a bigger one, much like SP.
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                      Interesting link Togs. This all may be unnecessary soon though if Roland have incorporated larger card support with the TDW-20. We shall soon see.

                      In the meantime, now that I have the VEX Drummers Dream, VDrumLib, my TD20 and a 256MB CF card, I can say from experience that I would not want to be without the card.