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Double Bass.. help

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  • Double Bass.. help

    I don't want to shell out the money for the extra pad for double bass. I have a double bass pedal. I was thinking of putting something over the single pad to make it so that both mallets can hit the pad, can anyone suggest anything? I have a vpro by the way.


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    I know that there are guys out there using a KD-80 or KD-120 and a double kick pedal with great success...

    try the tom pad as kick pad idea (found eslewhere on this site) to see if it works, then maybe shell out for a new pd-100...

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      Pintech has a KD-7-like trigger that supposedly works with a double-kick pedal for like, 35 bucks.
      I don't know how well it works, but if it sucks, just bring it back and tell them it's broken.



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        I wouldn't bother with the Pintech kd-7. I have it on my SPD-20 and am getting ready to put it up on E-bay. When I move my foot around on the pedal, it sees that as a trigger, then, the mili-second later when I go to actually hit it, nothing happends. I have tried to make all of the adjustments in the SPD-20 and it just won't groove. As long as your foot just sits there and doesn't move a lot, your fine. But, if you tend to move your foot a lot the way I do, it will get you.
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