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Build a Custom Rack...

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  • Build a Custom Rack...

    Interested in:
    Designing your own custom v-drum rack?
    Making changes to or adding onto your existing v-pro/v-custom rack?

    I took a simple TD-7 set-up, added some 1.5" piping and built a Custom Rack that looks and feels like Pearl's "ICON" Rack.

    I found the piping at a local Steel & Metal Supply company...most cities should have a similar company. They call it "Aluminum Tubing" (not "Pipe"). I used an 18 gauge...extremely lightweight. Obviously, you need to verify the size - 1.5" Outside Dimension (OD).

    I cut four new pieces for the legs and used several bars from the TD-7 kit along with the t-clamps and pad-mounts. (NOTE: You could also use Gibralter t-clamps for added stability). Finally, I sprayed on some black semi-gloss paint to complete the package. Looks and Plays GREAT!!!

    I would be happy to discuss this concept further with any interested parties...Lee

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    Did they have a minimum quantity requirement?

    What was the price?

    Is it solid? If you hit it would it dent? Did you torture test it?

    lots of questions!


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      To answer your questions:
      -No minimum quantity required. The tubing only comes in 12ft lengths.

      -I paid about $26.00(tax included)for the 12ft section and was able to get (4) legs out of it.

      -Solid? Very much so...Smacking it with a drumstick would not dent the tubing. As for a "torture test"...I'll leave that up to you!!!

      By the way, e-bay currently has a listing ("roland drums", item called - "Huge Kit") that has a great example of what I'm talking about. Check it out!


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        As a follow-up to my earlier suggestion: The ebay item I made mention of is actually a Pintech rack. Check out: (edrums.com) to see the actual Pintech rack set-up.

        I built mine exactly like this one! Very adjustable and very sturdy.


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          I bought a used V pro without rack....
          It means I have to build a rack myself.
          I choose 1.5" steel tubing~~~
          It is heavy, but it is durable and good looking~~~