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Please PUTTENVR help me !!! (or anyone wants to) !!!?!!

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  • Please PUTTENVR help me !!! (or anyone wants to) !!!?!!

    I want to buy TD-10 and put Ddrum triggers to
    my original set (except the cymbals). Will this combination work or is it better to buy the original Roland pads? The drum heads of my original (REMO LEGERO)set will be replaced by some others for not making noise !!!

    THANKS and sorry for my English

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    Yeah, it's better to buy the Vdrum pads since Roland pads work at best with Roland modules and ddrum with ddrum. With 'foreign' drumpads you can have a proper trigger signal but not the 100 percent full use of positional sensing, dynamics and (in the case of ddrums) pressure sensing.