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Shack settings HELP!

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  • Shack settings HELP!

    Ok guys,

    I've got the adapters, I've plugged pd-120s with them in to tom 3 and 4 inputs... I've adjusted scan time to around 2.5+ I've messed with sensitivity settings and I changed the pad type to pd-120 a and b...

    The only change I've noticed is reduced sensitivity on the inputs I have the adapters plugged into....

    Two questions:

    1. What am I doing wrong?

    2. What settings are YOU using to make this work (and for what applications)?

    I'd hate to think that I invested all this dough in these adapters and they don't work!!

    \oo/_ :mad: _\oo/

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    Come on now, those adapters don't cost all that much. I could be wrong, but I understood the "Shack-Thang" trick is for the TD-8?


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      Nope... works on the 10 and the 10-exp as well (with some added benefits).

      Anyway I got it to work last night... very cool... I'd still like to know what apps you guys are using this 'thang' in... and how you have scan time and sensitivity (and any other important adjustments) dialed in.

      BTW most of the posts on this topic say, "Set trigger type to 120a or b and neither of those worked for me... I changed the setting to pd 7 and 9 (a and b)

      Does the shack thang work for kick triggers too (kd-7)? If so, that would explain why some kits have rim sounds assigned when the hardware has no rim!

      Man, two sounds from one pad... it kinda seems like it was MEANT to work this way!

      \oo/_ :mad: _\oo/