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Easy Kick Drum Solution

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  • Easy Kick Drum Solution

    A Regular PD-120 mounts to the frame as a
    perfect Kick drum - no need to spend on the

    I took one of the floor toms to use a kick
    I don't need 2 floor toms anyway.

    I'm suprised Roland didn't set it up like
    this - it's perfect


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    Cool tip! Post some photos.


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      I wanted a gong so I suspended my PD-120 behind me.


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        Is the pd-120 as strong as the kick drum?



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          it would be funny to leave the clamp a bit loose so it swings back and forth when you hit it.


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            I'll try & get a photo to post - but
            the PD-120 attaches with the regular clamp
            to the bottom bar - which just needs to
            be adjusted so that the beater hits the
            120 in the center. Works like a dream

            Originally posted by Marc.:
            Cool tip! Post some photos.


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              How did you go about attaching the pedal?


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                I wanna learn more about the PD-120 gong-deal. How did he set it up? If I get 2, can I do the Carl Palmer-thing? Oh No! I'm outta inputs! Aaarrrrgh!!!!



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                  Three brains are better than two!


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                    Originally posted by Arriguy:
                    Three brains are better than two!
                    3 brains? Hmmmmmmmmm. I'll think about it.


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                      <<Regarding my Gong Setup>>

                      It's not setup to emulate a gong mount exactly but it is mounted vertically. Basically what I did was buy a piece of electrical conduit and fill it with sand (to keep it from kinking during the bending process) and bend it in the middle around an old truck rim giving me an upside down "U" shape. I layed the contraption down on the floor and centered the PD-120 in the arc. I drilled holes in the conduit and aligned them with the tuning lugs on the V-drum. I used some plastic inserts in the holes to prevent the holes from tearing the support material. I then used foam blocks to keep the spacing consistant while I used surgical tubing to mount the drum to the stand. I purchased two heavy duty stands and used their bases to hold my U contraption vertical.

                      I use this setup during 2 songs in our stage set. I only use these two drums during the songs and the setup is moved to the front of the stage with the guitarist and bassist. I stand between the two pads which are positioned just below shoulder height. We use a MIDI trigger to trigger lighting effects during a trio "solo." The drums get to bouncing around and after I get them going I step back and use a single stick to bounce rapidly between the two drums. I really animate more in a theatrical sense than a drum performance sense. The fact that they are moving gives this wild percussion feel to the part, although it's mostly for the audience. The crowd absolutely goes nuts when we do the two songs.

                      I also have mounted two PD-10's like a pair of bongos for our "acoustic set." I hold those on my lap and play them with my hands using latin percussion sounds.

                      [This message has been edited by rherhuth (edited November 02, 2000).]


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                        Hey rherhuth,
                        Please email me and let me know next time you are playing. I've gotta check you out. Paul


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                          I just thought anyone thinking about doing this(using a pd 120 as a kick) should know that the sensor on the KD 120 is not located directly in the center of the drum. It is about an 1"1/2 to 2" above the center. Probably to prolong the life of the sensor. Maybe anyone who tries this should setup the PD in a way so the beater does not directly strike the sensor. Just a suggestion.

                          Great Idea though