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repost: Comfortable Cheap Thrones

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  • repost: Comfortable Cheap Thrones

    This isn't my idea, but I'm glad someone thought of it... I apoligize for the repost, but I thought this belongs in the tips folder. --rus

    --posted by Chuck--
    Greetings, Don't have $150.00 or more for a good throne no problem. You can pick up a new Hydraulic computer chair without arms for $20-$50! Drill in a couple of screws into the casters if you want to keep it still. There you go...What do you think?
    \oo/_ :mad: _\oo/

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    Yea thats what I use. Its wonderful to just roll back and swivel around to operate the 1680 while in the studio alone.


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      Man I hate to sound like a avid bargin hunter but, I picked up a couple of decent mics at radio shack that were made buy SHURE. They may be tough to find as the company appears to be changing some of its products manufact. They did have a BG2.1 copy, BG3.1 copy, CROWN sound grabber copy(pressure zone)and a BG4.1 copy that is a real killer sampling/overhead condenser microphone. They all come with a 20 foot cable, a mic clip, and a case. Depending on location and sale price you can pic'em up for $19-$39 a piece. Anyway I'm sure your looking for Higher end Equip. but, those interested compare the specs you'll be surprised, I was Chuck


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        Don't like the color of most computer chairs.

        But seriously. Computer chairs have a broad seat which supports the upper part of your legs and your bottom too much. This presses on the muscles which (i am working in a hospital .. yo ho) hinders a good blood circulation.

        Drum thrones for this reason are smaller and let you find a balance between a small seat and the two legs resting on the bass drum and hi hat pedals being the imaginary 2nd and 3rd leg of your throne.