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Snakes and Arrows - Backstage Secrets on Rush HD

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  • Snakes and Arrows - Backstage Secrets on Rush HD

    Backstage Secrets is supposed to be a 5 part documentary 'behind the scenes' series of the Rush Snakes and Arrows tour. I say 'supposed to be' because it felt like it was all wrapped up in the one episode I watched last night, but I guess we'll see...

    In any case, it's an awesome program and there was some great footage of drum tech Lorne 'Gump' Wheaton setting up Neil 'Bubba' Pearts amazing custom DW kit. I was suprised at how much the Roland V-Drums are incorporated into the setup. If you get the chance, the program is a great watch for any Rush fan.

    There is a short video trailer on this page, that gives you a taste of what the program contains. I hope you get the chance to see it...

    Sabre's Album

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    Only available in Canada.
    TD9 Frankenkit