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    Originally posted by dkuss:
    I don't think you'll have any luck sending
    *files* to the TD-8, since it's not a
    computer and thus has no knowledge of files.
    But, do you want your computer (Cakewalk) to
    control the TD-8, such that the drum track
    in a sequence is playing the TD-8's sounds?
    This you can do easily. Connect the MIDI out from your computer to the MIDI in of the
    TD-8, set the MIDI send channel and the
    TD-8's MIDI receive to the same channel, and
    you should be all set. Depending on your
    configuration and what midi notes you want
    to map to what sounds, etc., you may want
    to fiddle with the GM mode setting in the
    TD8, as well as local echo... but all that
    stuff is in the manual. Good luck!