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Simulated Acoustic Bass Drum Feel

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  • Simulated Acoustic Bass Drum Feel

    By accident, I found a way to mount my bass drum pedal that comes pretty close to the give and feel of an acoustic bass drum head. I use a (Pintech) CVK (upright) bass drum pad and an (old) DW 5000 pedal. This should apply to the KD120 also, but I've never seen one.

    The CVK bass drum pad has two strips of Velcro hook tape mounted to the bottom, so it attachs easily to the carpet that I play on and does not creep. The carpet is nothing special other than it is a piece of low pile (commercial) carpet that I got on sale at Scotty's, a home improvement store similar to Lowes and Home Depot.

    One night while setting up the kit, I was distracted before I had fully tightened the pedal to the bass drum pad's mounting bar. Since I am switching between acoustics and e-drums regularly I had not noticed the flex that I was getting. But later, I realized that there was just enough pressure on the pedal's mounting clamp to hold the pedal in place while allowing the pad to slightly move away from the pedal. In other words, when I press the pedal all the way to the bass drum pad's head, the whole pad assembly moves ever so slightly away from the pedal.

    I experimented a bit and found a fairly wide range of play and settled on what I thought was similar to the amount of play I get from my acoustic bass drum's head. With some additional tweaking of the tightness of the head, I have come up with a pretty good surrogate for an acoustic bass drum response (feel).

    I hope this helps some old dogs like me trying to hold on to as much of their acoustic technique as possible.


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    [This message has been edited by Junius (edited September 19, 2000).]