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Nine Inch Nails drumless tracks

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  • Nine Inch Nails drumless tracks

    For those of you who don't know, Nine Inch Nails released a new album The Slip recently, completely free. What's really cool is Trent also made multitracks available and put them under a Creative Commons license:

    the slip is licensed under a
    creative commons
    non-commercial share
    alike license.

    we encourage you to
    remix it
    share it with your friends,
    post it on your blog,
    play it on your podcast,
    give it to strangers,
    So with that in mind I made drumless versions of the songs for any fellow NIN fans here to play along with:

    Download The Slip (drumless).zip (38.08 MB)

    It's not all of the tracks though:
    1. 999,999
      Multitracks not available. Doesn't have drums in the original anyway.
    2. 1,000,000
    3. Letting You
    4. Discipline
    5. Echoplex
    6. Head Down
      All in the zip file.
    7. Lights in the Sky
      No drums in the original.
    8. Corona Radiata
    9. The Four of Us are Dying
      Atmospheric instrumental tracks. Didn't think anyone would want these to drum along to. The first one doesn't even have anything approaching percussion until four minutes in.
    10. Demon Seed
      In the zip file.

    The songs I included are nice and beat-heavy in their original form which will make them fun. In fact, every single one starts with a drum beat on its own, so to allow you to match the timing I include the drum track at a soft volume for a few seconds and then fade it out for the rest of the song.

    They're MP3 files so you can put them in your audio player and feed them into your module via the mixin port. If you want WAV files that you can put on a USB drive for the TD-9 you have to convert them on your own since they'd be too big to post. If you want full quality WAVs and/or to take a different approach to leading off the track, download the multitracks yourself and go crazy. I found them very easy to edit with Audacity.

    On the remix site there's actually multitracks up for songs from other albums as well. Ghosts I-IV is also available under the same CC license but there's only a few multitracks available, and only one of them seemed like it would be nice to drum along with. I put that here:

    Download Ghosts I-IV (drumless).zip (3.36 MB)

    There's also a few multitracks from With Teeth and Year Zero, but those aren't available under the CC license as far as I can tell so if you want drumless tracks, you'll have to make them yourself. I wish they'd post some of his earlier work as well but I guess you can't have everything.

    Now all I need is for my TD-9SX to get here! It should be shipped before the month's out.

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    Very cool!
    Nicely done, and thanks!

    Sabre's Album


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      Thanks! I haven't had a chance yet to listen to the new stuff much yet. I dig all the old stuff though and liked Year Zero a lot!