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Turning chicken #$%^ into chicken soup

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  • Turning chicken #$%^ into chicken soup

    I have been wheeling and dealing audio equipment. It all started with
    2 Technical Pro LX-1000 amplifiers I bought for my drum set. Needed two because they were so under powered. They look pretty but suck. No power and poor quality (but pretty blue lights). I listed them for sale on crag's list intending to sell them and take the money and buy a real amp. Well, long story short a guy who runs a D/J business came out and traded me the two amps for a Mackie M-1200. They guy just liked they way they look. I was totally honest and told him all they do is look pretty. He traded anyway. I was of course skeptical and gave the new amp a good testing before accepting the trade. It works flawlessly. And what a monster. This amp is just "drunk" with power.

    About the same time I bought those LX-1000 amps I bought a pair of 10" 3 way speaker cabinets by Acoustic Audio model BR-10 (again not top of the line stuff) They have been sitting in a closet since I got my new JBL EON speakers to monitor the drum set. I listed them in the add as well. Another guy contacted me about a trade for an acoustic drum set and after some negotiating* I gave a guy my old BR-10 speakers (maybe worth $50.00), my wireless mic set (worth about $15.00) (came as a free gift with the old crap amps), my old Gemini Mixer (worth about $10.00) and $200 cash. I got a 5 piece Ludwig kit that looks brand new (new wrap) and is one of the better sounding acoustic kit I have played with Sabian hi-hats and a newer 2 leg swivel hi-hat stand. I do not have cymbals for it yet and the pictures are of it thrown together in my living room.
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    TD-6v, (3x)CY-8, (4x)PD-8's (2x)PD-6's (1x)PD-80R (1)KD-8 http://www.cstoliker.com/Drums/

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    I think you got one hell of a deal there mate. Nice kit. Im extremely green.


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      Yea I think you traded up pretty well.


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        They say theres a fool born every minute! Looks like you met two of them...
        My Kit


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          I have a 10 piece Noble and Cooley set I have been thinking about getting rid of. You don't have any Behringer mixers you would like to trade, do you?

          The best thing about your trades is that you are guilt-free, because you were totally honest about things. Congrats.
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            LOL yea I'll take the trade..
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            TD-6v, (3x)CY-8, (4x)PD-8's (2x)PD-6's (1x)PD-80R (1)KD-8 http://www.cstoliker.com/Drums/