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Drummer Crimes & Fines

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  • Drummer Crimes & Fines

    "too loud, too late"
    My mom, circa 1974 (before v-drums)


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    Okay, so now that I'm like fined...like uh $3,287... is the beer still free?


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      Well, I guess I know what I'll be doing with my economic stimulus package now.
      >>>See my E-kit here<<<

      >>>See my A-kit here<<<


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        Man, that is BRU-TAL!

        Sounds like living in Communist China!


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          Boy, I am guilty of a few of those.


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            The Misc are the best!.

            Drum Shoes and Drum Gloves . Tee Hee

            What about wearing your bands Tshirt while on stage at your show?


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              ROFL Classic stuff


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                WHA?!?!?! What's wrong with a stick holder.....???? It's only a 10 dollar infraction, but c'mon!


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                  Originally posted by jimiguy View Post
                  Brings a 46" Chinese gong (for big endings) - $75.
                  Brings two timpani (for really big endings) - $100.
                  Sounds like fun
                  Plays disco beat on "A Train" - $200.
                  Plays shuffle on "Mustang Sally" - $100.
                  Takes a break when the leader says "A request for Take 5" - $25.
                  Plays blast beats during "Johnny B. Goode" - $500.
                  Mentions to host that "DJs are the wave of the future" - $100.
                  Excessive Sweating - $5000.
                  I've seen that at more than one gig.
                  LISTENING to Rosanna, even in private with headphones on - $50.
                  Awww...c'mon... what's wrong with Toto?
                  Extends solo in Zep's "Rock & Roll" to 10 minutes - $1000.
                  Seen that more than once too
                  Roto toms - $50 each.
                  Awwww.... Roto's are cool
                  Hits on singer's girlfriend - $5.
                  What if I AM the singer's girlfriend?
                  Hits on club owner's wife - $1000.
                  I was almost the club owners wife at one stage....seriously!!


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                    That's a funny list. Jimiguy - you are the man!
                    Immensely powerful yet with a liquid cat-quick elegance


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                      You missed some mate.

                      Counting in the wrong tempo.

                      Counting in and playing the wrong number.

                      Loosing your way in a feel and coming in 1/2 a bar late.

                      Dropping your *** during a number and stopping to pick it up.

                      Trying to catch the bar maids eye while your playing to get another pint.

                      Wearing sunglasses cause the lights are to bright.

                      Running to the bar between numbers.

                      Having too many and falling off your throne.

                      Asking the club manager if he knows who in the audience has got some weed to sell.

                      Nailing wooden battens to the stage to stop your base drum moving.

                      Chatting up some dubious looking girl during the break and giving her your singers phone number instead of yours.

                      Conning some guy to stay on late to load your drums onto the van, on the pretence youll send him and his mates tickets for your next university gig.

                      Im not speaking from experience here. Huh


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                        Originally posted by John.b View Post
                        Chatting up some dubious looking girl during the break and giving her your singers phone number instead of yours.
                        Isnt that a bonus not a fine?


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                          Originally posted by jimiguy View Post
                          Has a hi-hat that is welded shut - $250.
                          ^^^^ that one killed me!!!!


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                            That is funny.. Lowest fine is:
                            Never shows up for the next set -- $1.
                            TD-6v, (3x)CY-8, (4x)PD-8's (2x)PD-6's (1x)PD-80R (1)KD-8 http://www.cstoliker.com/Drums/


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                              having to go to the bathroom in the middle of the set and going.
                              Pearl Mimic pro, A to E 7 piece Pearl Decade maple, ddrum Deccabons, Ddrum DDTi, UFO X-bar triggers, Real feel heads, Gibraltar rack, VH13, PD105 side snare, Roc-N-Soc,Tama Iron Cobra, Iron cobra high hat stand, Cobra clutch, Pearl throne thumper, Roland and Kit Toys cymbals, Roland KC 500, Promark