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How Much Is A Td-8 Set Worth?

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  • How Much Is A Td-8 Set Worth?

    I have a possible opertunity... to purchase my Church's TD-8 that I have borrowed for the last several months. They now use a Yamaha "A" set, they gave up on the TD-8. (funny... they could just never get used to the TD-8... but now they have to have sound barriers and rings and pads on the heads and Mics all over... but now the "A" set overpowers the rest of the band!)
    So I now have a very nice set in my den for practise. Everything is pretty sharp with very little wear and tear. All mesh heads and a mesh kick with 3 pd-7's and one pd-9.
    Everything works... no issues... and lightly used. Nobody seemed to know how to change anything much and left things alone.
    So what do you think? How much should I offer for it?
    Thanks in advance
    As the Wise Ole' drummer says... !:cool:

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    Well...it's from a church so you should make a "fair" offer..

    I would watch ebay for a week or so, see waht similar kits sells for and maybe shoot 5% below to 5% above that. Whatever you feel appropriate.

    I personally would not go above 1200 though.

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      About $900-$1000 is fair.