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Sound Control/Turnkey (UK) stores closed

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  • Sound Control/Turnkey (UK) stores closed

    The UK's largest musical instrument retailer has closed most of its 26 branches and the rest may follow within weeks: http://www.soundonsound.com/news?NewsID=10049

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    Sad to read although I donīt know anything about the retailer.
    Iīve been going steady with a local drum store for more than twenty years.
    I know I can get kits or parts cheaper from internet stores. But to me the service this guys gives me is worth a lot.

    The ten years I didnīt play drums I still went down to the store once in a while just to sit in, have a cup of coffee, talk to and see what was going on - and they treated me like a good customer although they knew I wasnīt going to buy anything.

    So when I decided to play drums again, this store sure was the natural place to visit first. And do business with.

    The price difference compared to internet stores wasnīt that big either.
    And, at least when buying more expensive stuff, I prefer to do business with people I can talk to in person.
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      Gonna miss em

      Will miss my local Sound Control, spent many thousands and happy GAS hours there, it was my only vice, 3 other small music stores in town but they are old fashioned, no keyboards, pc software or anything that spells modern technology and an old shop musty smell, Sound Control were the guys where i got my fix ... and my V drums but yes it seemed every time i was there, there were only a couple of browsers and half dozen staff, used to often wonder how they broke a profit, i gotta admit though my last few purchases were off the net, Rockem music, Eddie Moors and Drum-tec, the deals just couldn't be beaten and also Ebay where there are so many good new and used deals ... wondering if anyone will buy them out, before it was Sound Control my local was Academy of Sound ... not always perfect but overall a good store ...
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        Wow. Bad news indeed. No store local to me sadly, but I've been to the Glasgow store a few times, and they were always very helpful and willing to let you mess with the kits. I even got to play about with a TD9 a couple of weeks back (not too impressed btw).
        Always sad when stores close, but a whole chain is dreadful.


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          No great loss as far as I'm concerned. Stores nicely presented, the specialist Roland guy at Southampton was particularly friendly and useful but general customer service and special orders were absolutely appalling.

          At the end of the day it was mainly a guitar shop and so should affect any of us too badly. Hope all the employess find new jobs soon.


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            If Turnkey goes it'll be a big loss in London...
            Digital Village have become increasingly wary of price matching to Thomann in Germany and Turnkey would always price match no problem...
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              I have a Ģ800.00 order with Turnkey and its now frozen!!!

              The employees havent been paid and many of them have lost their jobs.

              the manager told me last week that Turnkey turns over so much stock that they should have a buyer this week, then they can process all the orders that have been paid like mine.
              It was sound control who dragged them down so hopefully they will survive.
              Turnkey is one of the few shops in the UK that lets you have a 1 week trial with anything you buy, which i think is a really good poilcy, i buy from them knowing that if i dont like a product i'll get my money back, and they always pricematch.