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Easiest Way To Plug Into Mac.

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  • Easiest Way To Plug Into Mac.

    I was wondering what the easiest way to plug my TD-3 into my Macbook would be, so I can play through my computer speakers, and also so I could record onto some program like Garageband.


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    Haven't done this for a while, but if I recall correctly the easiest way is to run a lead from your headphone output to the macbook microphone input and change your garageband audio input setting to built in input (under Preferences, audio/midi tab). That will let you record your playing straight into garageband.


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      That works great, thanks. Also, is there a way for me to hear myself when I am playing while being plugged into the built in input?


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        Select the live instrument track you are using for the drums and turn the monitor ON in the track info panel. You should hear the sounds through the mac speakers as you play.
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