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Clearly, he needs more pads...:)

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  • Clearly, he needs more pads...:)

    youtube video

    Looks like he is a member here, but has not posted in quite a while. Tons of pads, and sounds cool too. How does a TD-6 handle all those pads?

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    Bam Bam

    He must have a TMC-6, another module or pads doubled up on the same input.
    Frequent GAS Sufferer

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      Nice playing, I love hearing good percussion on the V's- it's beautiful! Hmm, from memory we do have a member called "Bam_on_drums" or something to that extent.. could it be that we've yet another member here with a chronic GAS infection?
      "Today young men on acid realised that all matter is purely energy condensed to a slow vibration; That we are all of one consciousness experiencing itself subjectively; There's no such thing as death, life is only a dream and we're the imagination of ourselves.. Here's Tom with the weather"...

      TD-20 + TMC-6 + VF-1 + Gen16's = Not enough inputs.
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        Well, with clever use of splitters and only having 1 sound per pad, thats just about do-able. However, my guess would be 2 modules.


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          Gotta agree with ige....probably 2 modules. That's what I do and have a set that's WAY to big for my needs, but looks really cool.
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            Probably using a TMC triggering a preset percussions set on the TD-6.
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              Those are all single trigger PD-6s so it is possible that he is using just a TD-6 with splitters.


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                chronic GAS infection?
                What does that mean? I have seen it in this forum but I am not "in the know". Thx.


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                  Originally posted by vdrummer20 View Post
                  What does that mean? I have seen it in this forum but I am not "in the know". Thx.
                  GAS = Gear Acquisition Syndrome



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                    Oh I have that issue. Is there a cure? I think the cost of gear (ha ha)


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                      No, nothing can be done to stop the deadly GAS, even a completely flacid wallet is not enough!