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Interest in MIDI-based tuition software?

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  • Interest in MIDI-based tuition software?

    Hello all.

    I'm considering creating some software to help people learn how to play on electronic kits. In brief, the software would display a beat which the player would drum along with, and be graded on accuracy, stamina, etc.

    The player's drumming ability would be measured by having the kit connected the computer by MIDI, so it would be fully interactive. The speed and complexity of the pieces would increase as the player's skill improved.

    This may sound similar to the various Rock Band mods which are discussed elsewhere, but I think there's is a gap in the marketplace for software which focuses on teaching real playing skills rather than the simplified Rock Band / DTXMania approach.

    I know that most drum brains have some simple coach modes built-in, but I feel they could be so much better if running on a full PC.

    So, my questions:
    - Do you know of any software already available which does this kind of thing?
    - Would you be interested in buying such a product if it was available?
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    I think its a great idea. I would be interested if it could grade you on several different types of beats. I see this as having great potential and especially for new players looking to see if they are playing a beat correctly.

    Down the road you could add expansion packs with expansion beats as players get better. You could even set up a criteria and have certain packs be for beginners, then intermediate ect. I think with this concept you could go from start to finish and teach people to play and was well as other things along the way. I would purchase something like this if it filled a need for me and since I expect to always be learning this certainly would fill a need. Just my $.02



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      As long as the latency was absolutely spot on you'd be fine. If there was a huge lag, people would be playing to the click as they hear it but be behind because the click was behind. Certainly sounds like a good idea though.


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        To solve that problem you could just write in a function that tests the latency of the users setup so the program could adjust accordingly..
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