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A magazine dedicated to Electronic Drums ?

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  • A magazine dedicated to Electronic Drums ?

    Hi, I am new to this site and to E-Drums also. My question is just
    what the title says: Is there a mag for Electronic Drummers ? Any
    help on this would be great !! Thanks, E
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    Just for E-drums? hmmm, I don't think so, not to my knowledge anyway. I know there is something called Electronic Musician but that is more like keyboards, etc. I think. Anyone else know?

    I wonder if there would be enough interest for such a magazine strictly for
    electronic drums.... what do you guys think?

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      It has been discussed, but right now the idea seems to be that there aren't enough drummers to satisfy demand for a solely e-drumming magazine, however, I have noticed that the other drum mags seem to be covering e-drumming more.

      Really, I think the problem is that there are not that many manufacturers to cover, so the "new products" section would be pretty small.


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        Here in the UK a recent news report said that drum sales had doubled since year 2000 and it was due to E drums, guys and gals who just couldn't have an acoustic kit can now play in silence.

        Here we have Rhythm mag and another called Drummer mag and they don't cover much at all on E drums.

        When i go into the local superstore newsagents i see mags on such diverse topics and they all sell, model trains, crystal healing, history of local towns, canal barges, lots on running, gardening galore, hudreds of topics and more than u can imagine so i think there's room for a dedicated E drum mag.

        BUt i think maybe a quarterly edition so it can be jam packed with item reviews, reader letters, tips tricks, beginner section, midi, PA's and amps, it crosses into many boundaries ... even drum making with shells etc

        That's my viewpoint here in the UK, every V drum i see for sale on Ebay here is snapped up fast, there's gotta be something in that ?


        Manufacturers - lets see what we can brainstorm?

        Jobeky Drums - this guy is the next field drums based here in the UK
        Kit toy cymbals - superb and uk based
        Field Drums
        Smart Triggers

        well there's 10, if ya research i'm sure there's more ...
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          I think there is certainly a market. I think alot will depend on the support from both readers and advertisers. I think a smaller type of magazine could do well.



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            I'd buy it...
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              I'm looking into the prospect of launching an ezine for electronic drummers. I'm a journalist with quite a lot of experience in various media and am evaluating an electronic format global English language publication and am currently talking to potential advertisers.
              Watch this space...
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                I thinks its a great idea, and as stated earlier there are a lot of areas you can cover for example computer recording and software in relation to electronic drums. Which would reach out to a wider audience ie. producers and recording people...
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                  It's a great idea, period..

                  There are pc mags and there are many hardcore-pc geeks out there that probably know everything if not better than what the mags bring, not to mention all those internet forums. Yet it still sells, because for beginners and intermediate pc-users it's a great resource, and so I'd say it's the same for e-drums.

                  It'll be even better since e-drums are still not that recognized by the music industry and a lot of potential buyers would love to get their hands on it, and so will us as we enjoy reading anything e-drum related that comes in a flashy magazine. Sure there's this forum, edrumming forum etc. but I'd say atlaeast for myself that I'll enjoy reading occasional news about e-drums - from technical to recording and VSTi. Because there might be something I never knew if not show me a new way to approach a method.. be it playing style and DIY.

                  I'm definitely in.. Plus I'll just love seeing any magazine with v-drum pictures on


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                    Thanks for the feedback on my thread people !!!!!!! Sounds
                    like this could turn into a GREAT new magazine... E
                    Eric G: Pearl,Paiste,Remo,Vic Firth,Gibraltar,Roc-n-Soc,Roland TD-6V, Lots of Vex and mesh all around.


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                      At the risk of repeating myself, there was an earlier thread about this and as the owner of an established site dedicated to Edrums, http://www.electrodrum.com. I'm looking to put together an EdrumEzine and hopefully get it off the ground at some stage. It would be by free subscription and it would be nice to have someone help me out or form a joint venture - anybody interested, how about you allanjohn.