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Drum theory question

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  • Drum theory question

    I have been working on a cover for song, and the drummer does a fill that goes more or less like this


    S+C= snare and crash played together
    B=Bass drum
    MT=Middle Tom
    HT=Hi Tom

    it is a two measures fill that starts on 3.

    My teacher is sure that the notes played are 16th, except for the MT and HT after the first kick, which are played very fast between the two bass drum notes in a triplet-like form. He actually helped me learn the pattern by practicing triplets (actually half sextuplets) in between 8th notes. then when translated, I just played them faster.

    My question is, how are these notes counted and what are they?. sextuplets?, triplets?, anything else?. Right now I just concentrate in counting the three 16th kicks and I stuff blazingly fast (for me, which might be turtle speed for many of you) the two tom notes among the kicks, It does the trick, but only 50% of the time. I guess I just need more practice, but I figure that understanding them better I would be able to train my brain to get ready for the shift of speed.

    Thank you all in advance.

    Roland TD6-KW+VEX's

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    If I'm understanding correctly, what you are referring to as sextuplets are sixteenth note triplets. I've always counted them against the quarter note as:

    1 ti ta & ti ta, 2 ti ta & ti ta, etc.


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      That's correct sextuplets are 16th trplets, the thing is that according to the count the two tom beats cannot be 16th triplets

      3 e & a
      S B B B

      an the two tom beats would go between "e" and "&". In that case, would they be 16th triplets?

      Roland TD6-KW+VEX's


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        I'm don't know, sorry . I think I'd have to hear it. If you played triplet 16th over 3 e & ah, the 4th triple would be on the '&'. Are you sure it's triplets, could it be 2 32nd notes? Does it definitely start on 3, could it be starting on the 'ah' of 2? What song is it btw?



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          Not at all, I'm not sure what they are.

          I'm quite sure it starts on 3 because the drummers does a 16th notes crescendo from 1 so that it is very easy to count.

          If they were 32dns there would only be one between every 16th right?. That's what's confuse me.

          The song is called Flor de Fuego and it is from a Venezuelan band called Caramelos de Cianuro, they are not famous that's why I did not mention it. I'll try to find some stuff in Utube and post the link later. Thank you for the interest

          here is the link
          Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.

          the whole fill starts circa the 2:13 and I think the actual part I'm concerned with happens at 2:14
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          Roland TD6-KW+VEX's


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            Jason Horsler confirmed me they are triplets played against 16th's,

            Thanks Jason!.

            Roland TD6-KW+VEX's