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Melodic drumming..

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  • Melodic drumming..

    Using melody rather than percussive rhythms.


    Food for thought..

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    No way that a guy who looks like my 6th grade science teacher plays percussion well!

    Man, those rotos are high up there...that's a LOT of arm movement! I'd be exhausted. But I'm also pretty short, so it would be pretty hard for me to even think of having any percussion up that high.

    Have you seen Terry Bozzio's video on Melodic Drumming and the Ostinato? I know some people don't care for him - he's a bit of a whack job. But his ability to play an ostinato with his feet and put a melody on top of it is mind boggling. Check it out if you haven't already.
    Stick twirling - because you obviously have mastered all other aspects of drumming already, right?


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      Originally posted by NickK1066 View Post
      Using melody rather than percussive rhythms.


      Food for thought..
      Dang man - did you see his Wiz of Oz one



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        This guy is really having fun. Great solos! I wouldn't want to pack that stuff around, but it would be great to have in a music room. I always thought roto toms were cool.


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          Very enjoyable and different! Amusing too, as it looks like he got the students in metal shop to build his rack for him. Notice the saw blade for a splash?

          The guy could at least try to look cool. Go with black, loose the tie.


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            Better I think..


            Music is not my passion, it's my obsession...
            You Tube Scychful


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              here he goes again...


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                Originally posted by havyck View Post
                You really don't have any idea of the proper use of that smily do you?

                It's meant to be used like this :-

                Just about every post I've ever seen from this moron is paying out on someone.

                I can't believe you guys haven't banned this idiot yet...

                I mean, check out his myspace ffs... - http://www.myspace.com/wingedtreason


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                  Personal opinon:
                  Although Terry is good from a technical and timing point of view, I find him soulless - as if he's plateaued and hasn't thought about anything new for some time. Just endless demonstration solos.
                  However I'd list Purdie and Jukka Nevalainen (nightwish) as the guys that got me into drums. Closely followed by James Brown's drummers Clyde Stubblesfield et al.
                  Everyone has a right to their own opinion..