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4 over 40, YOUR EYES ONLY

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  • 4 over 40, YOUR EYES ONLY

    So I am still chuckling over the " you're to old... " stuff. especally the one about " your most important piece of gear is your reading glasses". THAT HIT HOME So Im thinking of getting a pocket size magnifying class ( like the kind we carry in our wallet (( I used to use that place in my wallet to carry another crisis prevention product)) to read the AARP newsletter)
    and putting it over my TD 10 screen . Has this been done?

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    Sounds like a good idea. Thankfully the display on my TD3 is basic and nice an big!
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      It might work, but you'll need to make sure you get the focal distance exactly right, and the right size magnifier for the screen at the right distance.


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        Rock ON, Old man!!!!



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          You need one of those magnifiers that you see on old peoples car windows, rigged so that it lines up nicely with your display. Problem solved


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            Having had a detached retina, cataracts, and now dealing with glaucoma, I can sympathize. Good luck with it. I may need something like that before long.


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              I'm 30... sorry. I looked anyway.

              Is 40+ really the downhill slide for drummers or something? Shouldn't it be like 4 over 60, your eyes only? Just checking if I need to start my geritol in ten years.

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                Here is a link to a company that sells all sorts of magnification products:




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                  I have one of those small card and just tried it.. it works but you'll need to get some space between the card and the display to get magnification. Tried it on my TD-6 and the magnifying part of the card is kind of too small to show the whole TD6 display.


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                    i'm only 25.. but i have the utmost confidence i'll be drumming heavy stuff right til my wheelchair and depends days!

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                      Put in a request to Roland , maybe they'll start making modules for the elderly, like the telephones with extra large buttons and numbers or those huge playing cards...
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