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drumming face

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  • drumming face

    new drummer here. i've been drumming for about too hours now and i've noticed that i pull a funny drumming face, does this ever go away?

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      Nope, just look at Michael Render and you can see how serious it can get


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        i'm trying to get both sides equally funny..
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          LOL I think this about myself everytime I play. I think I'm just over conscious because no one's ever made fun of me... yet. LOL
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            I'm not sure if it ever goes way but my wife laughs at me every time I play the drums. She says I look like a constipated retard. I am so afraid to see my face in the mirror. I sure my facial expression will chance as I get past the learning phase and get better.



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              this is my metal \m/ face

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                My drumming face...

                and that was just a straight 4/4 beat!


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                  Originally posted by crimsonking View Post
                  this is my metal \m/ face

                  i suggest you do something about that drum stool...


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                    Crimsonking, were you given an award around here? Did you get the fabled golden seatless drum throne?


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                      Originally posted by Swaledale View Post
                      My drumming face...

                      and that was just a straight 4/4 beat!
                      is that concentration or constipation?


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                        Neither. It's a severe case of syncopation!


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                          LOL, is it just a raised left eyebrow beyond your normal "not drumming" face?

                          i have a guitar face as well but it's not as good as my drum face. today, while trying to play the hats off beat to the kick i had a look of stan laurel apparently.


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                            Heh, I thought I looked pretty rock and roll when I played until years ago someone said "you're a great drummer, but you look as if you're worrying about whether you left the oven on when you're playing". I saw some video footage of me playing the other day for the first time and they were right!
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                              Back when I started drumming I used to play with a pair of earmuffs on (after I lost about 1/3 of my hearing ) that were ridiculously tight. So tight that I used to have to stick my jaw out while I was wearing them just to be comfortable. It's since become part of my technique and even after not using the stupid things for a decade- I still play for about 30secs and then I turn into the gorilla
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