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Roland clinic April 29th

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  • Roland clinic April 29th

    Just got the word that a Roland clinic is coming up at Easy Music, Honolulu, HI. 5PM April 29th. The Roland boys will be jammin on the new Roland keyboards and TD9 kit. Anyone in the neighborhood, be sure to stop by.

    I was cruising the Easy Music drum dept, testing out the TD12 kit, when one of the drum shop salesman comes up to me and tells me that the Roland reps will be in town on the 29th and that they can answer "any questions" that I might have regarding the Roland V's.

    With a wry smile, I asked him if he was familiar with the Vdrums.com site.
    His puzzled look was a Big No! So we pirated one of the sales register computers and pulled up the forums. When I left the store, he was still surfing DIY and Showcase with a big Christmas Kid grin.

    Now to go back and work him for that TD9 module employee discount

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    sounds great, hope will they do a clinic in London sometime.


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      If I leave today and point my car in that direction I think I can make it.
      TD9 Frankenkit


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        Originally posted by mystic fred View Post
        sounds great, hope will they do a clinic in London sometime.


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          Great Roland clinic last night at Easy Music Center, Honolulu. TD-9 sounded awesome through the house system. Any keyboard players out there the Fantom-G is clearly Roland's lead product in all its glory.
          Best news of the night- John says the TD 20 expansion is due out in June.

          Roland Product Clinic:
          Fantom-G w/ ARX boards, TD-9SX, RD-700GX Stage Piano, and the GT-10.

          John Hernandez- demo the TD-9SX
          John has been a professional musician since 1976 and was in the fore front of electronic music since 1977 both as a programmer and performer. Some of the artists he has worked with: Journey, Yes, Peter Gabriel and Abraxes. He was and is a pioneer in the application of electronic percussion. John has performed on two of Neal Schons solo albums. He also performed on a Grammy nominated album by Suzzane Ciani. Did a soundtrack demo with Angel Romero. Engineered, produced and performed on many other non high profile projects. Co-wrote, performed, engineered and produced music for two PBS documentaries titled “San Diego Above It All”. Has been involved in numerous hi tech drum clinics with many major artists since 1989. He has also done many keyboard MIDI and recording clinics since 1993.

          Scott Tibbs- demo the Fantom-G w/ARX expansion boards and the RD-700GX Stage Piano.
          For the past twenty years, Scott has been involved in every aspect of the music industry.....from films, tv, and video games....to major musical acts such as, Beyonce, Mary J. Blidge, Nelly, Howard Jones, and the Grammy's.
          You can hear his most recent work on the Beyonce Experience Tour 2008 DVD, Supreme Beings of Leisure DVD, Bruce Springsteen DVD, Howard Jones DVD, and many other A-List artists.
          When Scott gets a break from his production schedule, he enjoys playing with amazing musicians from around the world and continues to develop young artists.