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Look what I just got off of Ebay (Muffins yum)

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  • Look what I just got off of Ebay (Muffins yum)


    No rack or cymbals, but who cares. This is a great set (at least I hope so). I emailed the seller to sell it off of ebay before anyone actually sees that there are space muffins for sale. So in the end I got the muffins for $400 plus shipping. Btw anyone ever tried that brain before?

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    Good buy.

    I had a kit just like that, but in white... they are early 1990's "Studio" kits by Boom Theory... I used a ddrum4 module with it....worked excellent...I have done gigs and recording with that setup...

    They work great with mesh heads BTW...I tried it with a TD6 module with mesh heads...triggered great...When I purchased a bigger kit (another spacemuffins set) I sold it to a church with the TD6...they love it.


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