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Drum "gods"/idols

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  • Drum "gods"/idols

    I've seen posts on our favorite drummers, Vinnie and BillB. Can we have a general forum (again) to throw out our obscure influences????

    What about Barrymore Barlowe from Jethro Tull? Have ya'll listened to the live Bursting Out album? I LOVE "Sweet Dreams."

    This guy is not too obscure, however, I am always amazed at Mick Fleetwood. Stuff like "The Chain", "Rhiannon" and "Tusk" seem to make me feel off balance and almost ready to fall off my stool!

    Do you have any other obscure influences? Maybe you can site song and verse and we can check out the tunes.


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    gary mallaber steve miller and that fat lefty who played with joe jackson...i think his last name was burke.
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        Of course, since this is mainly an edrum site, Future Man from Bela' Fleck and the Flecktones is a great innovator and worthy of mention. For those who are unfamiliar with Future Man, he plays a gutted Synth Axe midi guitar with his hands. (via triggers on the Synth Axe) To listen to him, your be suprised at the independence and groove he can lay down. One of my personal favorites.

        Of course I have my personal set players, Vinnie, Bonzo, Herb, Neil, Carter, and Manu to name a few.

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          Dr. Chud of the Misfits.
          Yael of My Ruin.
          Ginger Fish of Marylin Manson.

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            For my money, Dom Famularo. I've only seen/heard him play once, but I can honestly say it completely changed my perceptions of the instrument. Check out the Larrie Londin Benefit Concert video. he played "Groovin' Hard" with the TCU Jazz Ensemble.


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              When I was in high school I went to see Howard Alden (7 string jazz guitarist). His drummer was Jake Hanna. If I hadn't been close to the stage and actually seen him, I would have sworn he had a bigger set with many more cymbals. He didn't play extremely fast, but he changed sticks (back and forth between brushes and different weights and types) smoothly and quickly, He made it sound like he had twice as many cymbals and toms. He was about 60 or 70 yrs old at the time and I couldn't believe he could do what he was doing. I have always kept that performance in mind as one of the best I have seen.

              One other thing I really enjoyed about it was that he was in the front with the guitars. They were all in a line parallel to the front of the stage rather than putting the bass and drums behind the guitars as is common practice.

              It was after watching that performance that I realized I didn't need a monster kit to be cool, as was popular in the 80's and early 90's. I just needed to be good to be good, and I could have any size or quality kit.

              Also, my brother had a drum teacher a few years ago. He saw him play live in a few different bands. I never saw him play in a band, but I did go with him to his lessons a few times and saw him play. Between what I saw and what my bro told me about his band performances he was an extremely versitile drummer. He played all types of musical genres from rock/pop to jazz and fusion.

              Now, how's that for obscure?


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                A drummer I have admired ever since I first saw him me in the late 70s was a Danish drummer by the name of Klavs Menzer. He was all over the scene and I tried to go see him play every time. At that time he was the drummer of Denmark's perhaps most popular band, Sneakers, whose (female) lead singer later recorded, for example, with members of Little Feat.

                Inbetween then and today - I saw him again last year at the Copenhagen Jazz Festival in Denmark with Palle Mikkelborg - he has developed into what I would call a true musician's drummer. He fits into any musical setting seamlessly and still has an absolutely distinct sound. Rock, Jazz, Electronic club sounds - this guy does it all. He also happens to be a very friendly person. He's playing several concerts at this year's festival (starting July 5th) ... go check him out.

                My second favourite drummer - and for a short while my drum teacher - is Ed Thigpen. An absolute natural. Enough has been said about him all over the Internet and elsewhere. He's also playing at the festival this summer. Go see him.

                By the way:

                Are any vdrums members going to the festival? I'll be there from start to finish and will go and see 3-5 concerts a day (just like last year). Check out the Festival site at (English site). Some highlights:

                1) John Scofield / Joe Lovano / Dave Holland / Al Foster
                2) Miroslav Vitous / Mino Cinelu / Michel Portal
                3) Finn Ziegler Quartet / Ed Thigpen Rhythm Features
                4) Alex Riel Quartet
                5) Moussa Diallo Quintet (with K. Menzer, see above)
                6) Carsten Dahl solo piano (this guy is stellar!)
                7) Palle Mikkelborg 'Journey to...' and members of the vocal group Ars Nova (with K. Menzer, see above)
                8) Beats & Big Band: The Orchestra meets live Electronica (at the Copenhagen Jazz House)
                9)Pierre DÝrge EuroJungle Mark 02
                10)Cścilie Norby w. Lars Danielsson Quartet & Strings
                11) Maceo Parker 'dial: M-A-C-E-O'

                and, and, and ...

                Around 60 concerts all over Copenhagen (many excellent Scandinavian musicians), every day from July 5th (Friday) until July 14th (Sunday. See you there.

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                  Nt sure if it's just because I love the band or because I thought he was that great a drummer, but I've always been partial to Roger Taylor from Queen.

                  I also like "Chris McHugh" quite a bit. Played with Whiteheart, done a lot of studio work out of nashveille, and played on Owsley's album...kinda obscure, but a great tight drummer.

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                    good post guys: here it is morris pert w/ brand x,jamie muir from king crimson,frank perry from keth tippit.ivan krizilan, chris tree,mark walker,chris cutler, jaki libeziet from can,shannon jackson,the cat from PFM,and lastly my drum teacher Marshall Thompson(recorded with oscar peterson,dizzy,eddie harris,james moody)


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                      I'll add Ed Shaughnessy, Buddy Rich, Richie Hayward, Larry Londin, and Terry Bozzio! All (You've already mentioned Bill B. and Bonzo)
                      All of these guys have had an influence on me.



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                        I just love the way that Jim Keltner plays drums. He has been a L.A. studio drummer for decades and may have the best "feel" in the business.

                        This guy never plays what you might expect, is known for having at least one percussion instrument in his hands while he plays, if it adds to the song.

                        I've never heard anything "drumistic" from Mr Keltner - I cannot remember a single bombastic (think Neil Peart - ouch,-don't throw old fruit guys) fill, yet his drumming just makes the music come alive.

                        While he has certainly inspired me, I'm not sure he is an influence as I cannot duplicate what he does!
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                          Can I just pick one song which influenced me a lot lately? There is a drummer I don't particularly admire on that song, but hell, I like the way that song moves just because of the simple but excellently executed groove.

                          It reminded me again that it is very often the simplest groove which can make a song soar. An accent here, a deceptively simple break there, perfect volume control.

                          I just love that one and try to integrate that kind of approch into my own drumming more and more.

                          Oh yeah, almost forgot:
                          Chester Thompson on
                          John Fogerty's "Blueboy" (John Fogerty. Blue Moon Swamp. Warner Brothers 1997).

                          P.S.: Never in my life would I have guessed that it was Chester playing here. Knocked me over when I read it ... and made me seek out more of his stuff again.
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                          :: (Expanded, TDW-1 with V-Cymbal Control)
                          :: 2x CY-15R, 1x CY12H, 2 CY12R/C
                          :: 1x Pad-120, 8x Pad-80R, 6x PD-7, 1x PD-9, 1x KD-120
                          :: 1x FD-7
                          :: 1x Roland MDS-10, 6x Sonor Delite double cymbal stands
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                            Best live performance I ever witnessed was a drummer touring with the 1976 Air Force Jazz Band in Nashville. He was a brute, at the same time pushing syncopated styles with phenomenal finesse, kinda Bonham meets Roach.