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TD-10, is it all what roland says it is?

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  • TD-10, is it all what roland says it is?

    I am somewhat confused about the TD-10. I've worked with electronic drums before and people have been telling me to get the td-10. I have done my research on it and now, I need opinions. But to be specific, can I get info on the COSM technology in the td-10.

    I have read that you can actually choose the wood, diameter and depth, room ambiance and so on... But does it produce those sounds faithfully? I would like them to sound as acoustic as possible...

    A fellow percussionist...

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    Sounds like you may not yet have checked one out at the local music store. You should definitely do it - they are incredibly fun to play around with. Also, there are a bunch of posts here on COSM...try a search and see what ya get . My $.02 on COSM is that it is nice, but it has its limitations on how far one can alter the sounds before they loose their character. Of course, that may or may not be desired depending on how it's being used...
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      On some sounds (basic samples) COSM works quite good. For instance on snare drums, the changes between a tight or loose sounding snare strainer can be heard quite well.

      On tom toms and bass drums COSM only adds some lower frequencies to the sound when you change from a shallow to a deep drum. Same with the change from Ambassador to Pinstripe heads. So you won't get more THUD or POWER with COSM like in real live. Therefore: if you want to have your e-drums sound like the real thing I (perhaps) must disappoint you.


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        There isn't much you can do with COSM that you can't do with standard sampler DSP functions. It's just that the learning curve is more steep with normal keyboard DSP functions.
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          I agree. Many of the COSM functions affect only basic parameters like EQ and reverb. But COSM presents these signal-processing options by way of analogy to acoustic drum treatments to make the process more intuitive.


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            So, for acoustic sounding drums: get a good Roland, Akai or EMU sampler, the Roland XV 5080 synth module with SRX expansion board (drums) or a ddrum module.