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Bill Bruford

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  • Bill Bruford

    I am a big Bill Bruford fan and was wondering if he was one of the first to really use edrums? I recall late 70's early 80's King Crimson using edrums. Then ofcourse Neil came along and used them as well. Thanks!

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    Carl Palmer attached some guitar effects pedals or something like that to a bunch of concert toms long ago. You can hear the results on the ELP live recording "Welcome Back my Friends to the Show that Never Ends Ladies and Gentlemen Emerson Lake and Palmer." The tune was called Toccata. According to cdnow.com that recording was released in 1974.

    Not too long after that came the annoying booooooooooooeeeeeeeeeee beeeeoooooo of Syndrums and Synare drums that plagued disco, The Little River Band, the "Entertainment Tonight" theme and others.

    Bruford had the good sense to wait until the instrument matured a little. I don't think he really got on board with electronic drums until the Simmons drums came out in the 80's. I'm guessing that "Discipline" was his first foray in the e-drum world but I could be wrong. If I remember right Simmons drums were all over the radio at that time. Does the phrase "Good Heavens Miss Yamamoto! You're beautiful!" ring a bell?

    Here is a little odd trivia. I remember seeing an add for the LinnDrum back in the day that proclaimed the Elton John song "Madness" on his Single Man album to be the first tune where the drum kit part was played entirely by a drum machine (programmed by Jeff Porcaro if I remember right).
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      little river band.......very creative band.good grooves and hooks.
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