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can't get the sound right!!

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  • can't get the sound right!!

    I am trying to get the drum sound from Billy Squires "The Stroke", can I get this with just the upgraded module?
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    reverb up the wazzooooooo.and a bit of backslap/delay.if my memories of 6th grade or so serves me.man i forgot about that tune.we're all just hurling thru the age gates are'nt we? lol.
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      You might want to try a lot of a really small room reverb (sending a lot of the snare to the effect and specifically returning a lot of the effect FROM the effects unit).

      Maybve a gated verb would work. you will need to pick a pretty beefy snare to begin with. I'd take one that you just know is too big, trim a little of the lows/low mids on the EQ, and you'll be surprised how quickly the snare doesn't sound quite so tubby and when in the mix of the other instuments, you'll be amazed at how "not big" the snare gets.

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        I put together a kit named "Stroke" in my TD-8. I know I used a reverse snare that was very close out of the box and did a little tweaking. If you do the tune, you'll have to adjust to hitting the snare ahead of the beat so the crack is on the "2" and "4". I don't remember if I saved that kit (we ended up not doing the tune) but I'll check at tonite's gig to get the settings.