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    Do not buy ANYTHING from the ebay user "financier" or "[email protected]".

    These are both fronts for an operation running out of Latvia (auctions
    usually marked as ending in Finland, but when you win, the money is
    requested to be sent to Latvia). They somehow obtained the passwords of
    these two legitimate (but former) eBay merchants. Both of these accounts
    had extremely positive ratings, then a large gap in sales, and then
    started selling electronic drum kits at very cheap prices.

    Personally, I was scammed on an attempted purchase of a Yamaha DTXTreme
    kit. I've been in contact with 5 other people, all involved in auctions
    for DTXtremes or Roland V-Drum sets. He's taken about $7,000 so far.

    Currently, the eBay investigative bureau, the security departments of all
    banks involved, the Latvian police are involved. This appears to be part
    of an entire chain of similar scam artists, so the FBI may get involved at
    some point.

    PLease be careful, and remember, if it seems to good to be true, it
    probably is.


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    Sorry to hear about your loss, Brandon, but thanks for the tipoff.


    Build a man a fire, and he'll be warm for a day. Set a man on fire, and he'll be warm for the rest of his life.


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      I never bid overseas.Ever.
      Too many scams and not much chance of getting any recovery.
      Good luck.
      The original Gig Pig.


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        It is amazing how many purchases I receive over my website from places like Singapore and Indonesia. It is obvious they are fraudulent...especially when:

        Bill to:
        John P. Smith
        2321 Oak Trail
        Madison, WI.....

        Ship to:
        Majumaed Ahamachrajheed
        Jagan Jemawan Jatinom
        Klaten Jawa Tengah, %, ID 57481


        Thse people place huge orders, and have anonymous emails like yahoo or hotmail (those friggin emails should be banned).

        I have not yet run into a fraudulent ebayer - most pay, most are very professional.... however as feefer said, I would not ever purchase anything from overseas.

        Speaking of fraud.... Has anyone here ever gotten emails from folks of the high-majesty of Africa asking for your bank acount information so that they can deposit 25million dollars?? WTF??


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          I view ebay as a look but don't touch kinda thing. I've found many kits I want from psychadelic 60's kits to dw timeless timber stuff, but can't get past the feeling that unless it's in front of me w/the guy selling it I probably shouldn't buy it because i'll get screwed blue. But that's just me.
          td-6, pro-mark, remo, sabian, dw, tama rockstar.


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            I received one of those Grand Wazoo from Africa emails, I laughed for an hour.

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            Drumkat Turbo 4.5, Emulator X3, Superior 2.1, Roland Fantom XR, DTXtreme III, SPD-20 etc.......


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              I have bought a number of things thru e-bay and haven't had a problem. However, one action that I won, the seller e-mailed me and gave me a new address and name. I told him that I wasn't going to buy anything from him because of that and I never heard from him again. However, nothing I have ever bought was over $100, so if I did lose, it wouldn't be much. I don't think I could make a large purchase unless it was from someone I could verify elsewhere like Sepdrums.


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                820 comments and still going. I live on eBay. Most spent on there on a single item $500, most sold $1500 (my old TD-7 Turbo kit), most sent over sea $200. Read the above posts before buying on the Bay. Good info. Comments are big. Also look at how long someone has been on eBay. I have been an eBay member since 1997. Still the place I go for most things. Good luck, but be smart.


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                  Unfortunately and fotunately me too. It is an addiction, however there are super deals there...if I could just stop buying things I don't need.... eBay has certainly re-incarnated Fred Sanford.



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                    I bought my entire Pro Set off of ebay. Paid $3200 and had them shipped across the country from Washington State to NJ. After numerous emails, phone calls, checking his feedback and (I'm not going to lie to you) some worrying, we struck a deal and everything was cool. I sent a deposit to start the ball rolling via Paypal and sent the rest via a cashier's check. The drums arrived about a week or so later with no problem.

                    The advice in previous posts about dealing with ebay is great. The only other thing I would add is that if you do buy a high-ticketed item and want to take added protection, use the escrow service they offer. That way you put the money in a secure account, the seller ships the product, and then after you get it and inspect it you give the OK to release the money to the seller. It kind of puts you in the driver's seat. It does cost more money and the seller has to agree to it but the piece of mind could be well worth it. I imagine you can use it on international transactions also. (Personally I wouldn't buy a high-ticket item internationally for some of the reasons already stated.)

                    I guess it all comes down to what Mom always said:
                    "If it sounds too good to be true then it probably is."

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                      I had to chime in when I saw Sep mention the African bank deposit e-mail. You stay away from MY African connection, they promised me that I was the only one getting the $25 Million! I gave them all of my info including SS#, mother's maiden name, sexual preference, etc. I should have the money tomorrow!! When it comes through I'll buy a round of V-Cymbals for everyone...

                      keep it real. Go Nets.


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                        Wanna jump in here since I use eBay quite frequently.

                        I purchased my V-Pro set along with most of the add-ons since through eBay. For the initial set purchase, the seller's feedback was 2; he and I both agreed beforehand to use Escrow.com to handle the transaction. (eBay does not have their own escrow service; they should have links pointing to this one by now.) After sending the money and them taking about 8 days to verify funds, the seller shipped the set to me and I was able to take up to three days to verify that it worked properly (which it did). I have since used eBay for many other purchases (both for my drum set and other things) and it has worked fine each time. Remember, always check feedback and for large purchases, at least inquire if the seller will accept an escrow service. The total fees vary depending on the amount and the type of payment used; for a cashier's check for $2800, they charged $33.75. The fee is quite higher for payment via credit cards, but they can do it.


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                          I got this emailed to me today, among 5 script virus'....

                          "FROM: JOSEPH DUKE
                          TEL : +225 07 82 51 03
                          COTE D'IVOIRE

                          Dear Sir,

                          I know my message will come to you as a surprise.
                          I wish to write you this letter of assistance
                          believing that you will not betray the trust I'm to
                          impose to you By brief introduction, I am JOSEPH DUKE
                          the only son of Mr Johnson DUKE former chief of
                          defense-staff of(Republic of Guinea Bissau).

                          I got your contact from a business magnet who told me
                          to fill free to do any business with you that you are
                          truthful and trustworthy and also your capability of
                          handling this business. He made me to surmise totally
                          that you must be such an erudite businessman full of
                          ingenuity and human resources management.

                          My late father was killed just last Two year December
                          following his role as a rebel leader against the past
                          government of guinea Bissau. Following this political
                          crisis, I and my mother were forced to live our
                          country to Abidjan the capital city of Cote d'Ivoire
                          for our dear life. It is here in Abidjan he deposited
                          ONE METALLIC TRUNK BOX in a Security Company. He
                          registered it as an African Artworks as belonging to
                          his foreign business partner who will come with the
                          keys for the claim of the consignment. He did not
                          disclose to the Security Company the real content of
                          the box. The box contain US$ ( Million
                          United States Dollars ).

                          To be honest with you, this is the only legacy left
                          for me by my father which I am with the certificate of
                          deposit and other necessary documents regarding this

                          I want to front you as the bonafide beneficiary of the
                          consignment and claim the consignment for onward
                          transfer of the Fund to your Bank Account abroad for
                          onward investment in your Country. We have decided to
                          offer you 30% of the total sum of the money
                          mecellaneous expenses you may incur on the cause of
                          this transaction. On the notice of your willingness
                          To assist me, I will tell you the modalities we shall
                          follow to ensure a smooth hitch-free transaction.
                          Looking forward to hearing from you.

                          Best regards
                          JOSEH DUKE

                          NB: Please send an email to me or you call me on my
                          direct number: +225 07 825 103 as soon as you receive
                          this message for more briefing and also I want to
                          invest in your country."

                          I have seen these in all sorts... Insane...



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                            I can't believe people actually fall for that!!!


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                              What do you mean?? I fell for it.. I made a trip to Nigeria. I was asked to bring a briefcase full of $15,000 cash for bribery money...apparantly the large cash was being held and needed released with this bribe...no big deal since I was about to receive $22 million. I was treated a bit harsh at the airport...and my passport was revoked. My stay was far from 5 star service. The next morning I was met by 5 individuals who quickly whisked me into a 1976 VW van. We drove for hours into a very run-down region. I was beaten harshly by gangs of gorilla-thugs. After my briefcase was stolen, I was dragged by my nipples back to the airport behind a camel. This must have taken about 12 hours.

                              At the airport 6 friendly gentlemen handed my ticket to me. But since my passport was stolen, I was taken to Nigerian prison and sentenced for 15 years. This apparantly is a major offense in Nigeria.

                              After that I was finally rescued by soldiers from the Embassy & sent back to the US where I have started a drum business.

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